Navigate Safely By Using The North Star

  • When we're in the wilderness, we occasionally run into obstacles. Those obstacles might involve wildlife or a health issue. In other situations, we might become lost and disoriented. With the sun going down, it can be a frightening scenario. If you rely on technology as many people do these days, you may suddenly realize that you have no way of knowing which direction to start heading in.

    Instead of becoming flustered and making your situation worse, you can call upon the North Star for guidance. It's a well-known tip to use the North Star as a compass, but what if you can't find it? It's not as easy to locate as you might think. Depending on your location, there are dozens upon dozens of other stars that might look like the North Star, but are actually imposters.

    Keep reading to learn how to find the North Star and how to use it to make your own compass when you're lost!

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    1. Brad Colford said:

      The sun is a good source for directions. You shouldn’t be wandering around at night