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Fun Facts About Lightning

When we see the clouds start to roll in and the thunder begin to sound in the distance, we make a beeline for the indoors. It’s never convenience to be caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. Forget about being uncomfortably soaked. You also don’t want to risk being struck by lightning, particularly if you’re

If Nuclear War Breaks Out Here Are The Safest Places To Be

North Korea always seems to be on the brink of starting the next great war. Their threats are never ceasing and now with the increased weapons testing and plans on hitting the US, they seem more focused now than ever on removing the world’s leading superpower. While many shrug this off as nothing more than the rhetoric

Now That The Eclipse Is Over Back To North Korea

It seems that we have all survived the once in a lifetime eclipse. While in some parts of the country it was an event that was not to be missed. In other parts of the country, the effect was somewhat underwhelming however it’s still cool to one day be able to say “I was there.”

Debunking 9 Seemingly Helpful Survival Myths

We love a good urban myth. It gives us some mystery and entertainment, and because we’re superstitious that the myth could be true, we tend to follow whatever it says. Some myths, such as the old wives’ tale about pregnancy and how to tell the gender of your baby, are harmless. Other myths can put your