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5 Facts About The Show Trading Spaces Most People Never Knew

Any DIY usually has their favorite television show that fulfills that DIY obsession. Many have multiple shows in fact, or they simply park it on HGTV and call it a day. Either way, DIY television has been a staple for cable networks for decades and it has seen substantial success on both mainstream television stations as

[Video] How To Make a Cornhole Board

Cornhole is a game that has once again had a resurgence in popularity. Played at bars and tailgate parties across the nation people flock to any areas where this game is present. I recently wanted to purchase one of my own so I went online and found that they were in fact quite pricey. In

[Video] 10 Foot Gator Climbs To 2nd Story Porch

We all have that one animal that completely terrifies us to our very core. Many people are deathly afraid of spiders, snakes or insects in general. What about alligators? They’ve been around since the prehistoric age and have survived through the centuries. They’re stealthy and strong animals that are not to be messed with. When we were

Deer Body Slams into Unsuspecting Man

There really isn’t a lot of set up that this video needs. In fact, the title says it all. Cary McCook a 25-year-old aspiring rapper steps out of a pickup truck and within seconds is knocked to the ground by an oncoming deer. Cary was unharmed by the incident and hops right back up and