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4 Ingenious DIY Ideas For Chicken Coop’s

Life on a homestead is reliant upon what can be built, make or grow on any property. It’s both a positive and a negative. Self-sufficiency is empowering and more secure since you’re reliant upon fewer outside sources, but it can also be detrimental when your crops, power and other resources do not provide what you need.

Make Clean Up Easier With This Dust-Cleaning Table Saw

If you enjoy woodworking projects, then it’s a guarantee you can found in your garage or shed surrounded by tools on any given weekend. Not only is it rewarding to be able to build pieces from scratch, but it can also save you money. However, one of the downsides to these projects is that they can

How To Make Rice a Staple on a Homestead

Rice is a regular on our plates and in our kitchens. It typically ends up there after we purchase it from our local grocery store. As with most food, we don’t usually consider where it comes from or how it gets to our store. But, as a homesteader, you view food in a different light.

Debunking 9 Seemingly Helpful Survival Myths

We love a good urban myth. It gives us some mystery and entertainment, and because we’re superstitious that the myth could be true, we tend to follow whatever it says. Some myths, such as the old wives’ tale about pregnancy and how to tell the gender of your baby, are harmless. Other myths can put your

2 Safe DIY Ways To View Next Week’s Solar Eclipse

With all of the commotion, city planning and vacation days people are taking on Monday, you would think that there was an exciting holiday or national milestone being celebrated. Instead, everyone is literally going out of their way to ensure they are within a solar eclipse’s path of visibility, despite the eclipse itself only lasting

Make These Inexpensive Boat Paddles From Scrap Wood

If you live near a body of water or find yourself constantly fishing, then a boat, no matter how small or large, is your best friend. Without it, you would find yourself swimming into the water with your fishing pole and bait. Needless to say, you would not only look silly, but you would end