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These Antique Tools Might Be Making a Comeback!

We Can’t Wait to Try These! Many of us couldn’t imagine living without all of the modern conveniences that our high-tech age has to offer. After all, we rely on time-saving tools and appliances that save us time and effort so we can devote more of our attention to the important things in life. Come

Strange But True- Non Maple Trees Tapped for Syrup

Why buy at the grocery store what you could get straight from your backyard? Syrup is a kitchen staple, particularly for breakfast, and pancakes just wouldn’t be the same without them. You might think maples are the only type of trees that can provide you with syrup, but that’s not true! You could have other trees

Why Homesteaders Should Consider Quail Farming

Think of your typical farm animals. You’re probably picturing a chicken, cow, pig, horse, etc. What about a quail? That bird probably didn’t make your list alongside the rest of them. After all, the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” doesn’t really include a quail. Quails can provide many overlooked benefits to homesteaders. They’re not

10 Amazing Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Ever since I have heard of all of its benefits, I have begun to stock up on it. ACV has obtained a reputation more for its natural health benefits more than anything else. Most of us already know about the wonders of ACV, but how many of us are using or better yet, stocking up

Don’t Kill Those Weeds! Here is What to Do Instead

Whenever anyone mentions weeds we automatically associate them with something negative. They are a nuisance to our gardens and lawns yet over the years I think that they have somehow gotten a bad rap. If you own a farm, or homestead or simply a couple acres and some cows you may want to pay attention to this

Can’t Afford a Well? Harvest Rainwater Instead!

It’s More Effective Than You Might Think! For many homesteaders, preppers and others with similar interests, harvesting rainwater is a crucial component to how they run their homes. After all, catching rainwater and using it to water crops and gardens can save you money and also protect this valuable natural resource that we can’t live

Construct a Reliable Water Storage System for Just $150

This Old-School Method Is Still Relevant Today If you’re transitioning to an off-the-grid lifestyle, having a safe, reliable and clean way to store water is essential. You need it not only for basic cooking and cleaning but also for growing and maintaining your crops and cultivating your land. In fact, without a reliable and safe

Drought Proof Livestock Feed

There are many things to consider when starting a homestead. Especially if you are going to have livestock. Food is among the top worries among homesteaders and as the seasons change you want to make sure that your livestock are well taken care of. Most of us would love if our pastures and homestead were