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Secrets You Should Know Before Living on a Homestead

Homesteading has multiple perks that continue to make it increasingly popular. Its financial and personal benefits have people leaving their city slicker lifestyle to become country folk. We all probably have that moment when we’re sitting in the middle of a crowded city and think that it would be nice to live amongst nature, become

Want To Buy Goats? Consider This First!

One of the best things about having a homestead is having animals. While yes, they are a lot of work they are usually well worth the effort. If you’ve made the switch to a homestead, then you’re all about living a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle. Let the animals help you out! You might lean toward

The Best States to Support Your Off-Grid Lifestyle

The decision to make a life change such as that involved with a job, a move or otherwise, can be stressful. It takes time and research to become informed about what to do. With the rise in popularity of off-grid living, many people are choosing a more cost-effective, self-sufficient environment. Just as with any other

Why Every Homestead Should Have American Guinea Hogs

American Guinea Hogs have been the go to pig for the homesteader dating all the way back to the 1800’s. They were the first choice due to their size and temperament. Today it’s very rare to see homesteaders with hundreds of acres unless you’re one of the lucky ones, but most of us survive on what

Transition to Off-Grid Living Using These Small Steps

If you had the opportunity to lower your monthly costs, live amongst nature, get away from corporate life and become more self-sufficient, would you take it? The off-grid and homestead lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular for those reasons. We become so distracted by societal norms that we forget we have an option to live in the

How Much Solar Power Does a Home Really Need

With the increasing move toward living a greener and more self-sufficient lifestyle, people are turning to technology to make it possible. A solar panel system provides an alternative power source and is healthier for the environment. If you don’t live off the grid, solar panels can provide a back-up power in the event of a disaster