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These 15 Trees Should be Removed From the Homestead at Once

These 15 Trees Should be Removed From the Homestead at Once

When it comes to homesteading landscaping is a major part of it and it requires just as much thought and process and any other project that you have around the homestead. Especially if you have or are planning on having livestock, horses or any other type of animal ou there roaming around there are certain


7 Weeds That Can Be Used as Livestock Feed

Whenever people mention weeds I think back to the summers of picking weeds out of my grandmother’s gardens. I hated it. It was hot, sticky and frankly, I would rather have been doing anything else than picking weeds. It was backbreaking work and I hated it. Not once, however, did I think that those weeds


Snow Banking and the Art of Staying Warm

If you live in the rural parts of the north, or at least north enough to where the snow can actually accumulate on the ground, then you may have noticed homes that seem to be within a few feet of being buried in mounds of snow. While yes the constant snowfall may play some part


The One Tree That Can Kill Your Livestock

There are many benefits to having trees on your land and throughout your pastures. Not only to they provide shade from the scorching sun but they also provide a beautiful landscape that we all desire. however, did you know that there is one tree, that while very popular can actually kill your livestock! However, did


Various Ax’s and Their Uses on The Homestead

Don’t Chop Wood Without Reading This First! If you’re a homesteader, you’ll need to learn basic woodsmanship at some point, preferably sooner rather than later. Maybe you just want to chop firewood to heat your home so you and your family stay warm and cozy, or maybe you want to build your own homestead from