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DIY Camping Bucket Lights

For this particular project, we are utilizing two-gallon buckets. I am sure you can adjust this as needed however for sake of argument we are going with the smaller version. The reason I love this project is that it’s not only a creative way to use buckets but it’s a great way to add some light

Transform Old Drill Bits Into This Epic Survival Item

Stop tossing away old drill bits! Check Out How You Can Recycle Them Into Useful Tools! Forging your own whittling knives may seem like a daunting task, but it’s an incredible process that can be completed in your own back yard. With all of the proper tools, forging knives takes patience and time. But the

Making a Diy 55 Gallon Barrel Chair With Radioactive Design

Lately, I have been somewhat fascinated with the varying projects that utilize old drum barrels. It seems there is so much that one can do with this leftover material that the possibilities are virtually endless. The projects that one can accomplish with drum barrels can be utilized for many different purposes. It doesn’t matter if

Give That Dresser New Life By Refinishing It

Each time we enter our home, we want it to be a relaxing and enjoyable space. So, every once in awhile, we feel the need to spruce it up. The sprucing might entail painting the walls of your living room a different color, purchasing a new dining set or refinishing an old and dingy-looking piece of furniture.

How To Make Solar Pool Heaters For Cheap

As we look to the last few weeks of summer we find that we are hitting that time of year when we have to start thinking about closing up our pools. While some may have a ton of money to go out and purchase expensive pool heaters we like to look at projects from a

Quiet Down That Generator With a Way that Actually Works.

Relying on the grid leaves us with a few potential risks. The one we are focusing on however is power outages. During the summer they are inevitable more than ever due to rising heat temperatures and varying storms that come our way. Generators can be a life saver should the power fail for more than