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Enjoy Cool Summer Nights With This DIY Outdoor Projector Screen

Enjoy Cool Summer Nights With This DIY Outdoor Projector Screen

Despite the fact that the leaves might think it’s time to start changing, we still have plenty of summer nights left until the cooler months come. That means we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors whether that’s by hiking, camping or even having a beach day. However, if you’ve been hiking and camping all summer,

The Many Uses of this All American Product

There are some products that come along and while they were intended for one specific use someone, somewhere gets the brilliant idea to attempt to get more than one use out of it. It is those people that we can thank for these amazing life hacks. This next product is one of those items and it

Crafting a Hunter’s Candle Lantern

In a situation where the world goes dark and the supplies you stored for light are either out of range or have been used this lantern makes a great source of light.  While flash lights may be a great idea their batteries may run down and with out replacements, you are left in the dark. If you can scavenge a

Creating an Effective Bird Trap

When looking at survival you should know that food gathering is an important part of that plan. For those that are not experienced hunting can prove to be difficult. Yet it’s necessity is important. There is actually a way you can set a trap for wild birds using a few natural items found in the

Stay Clean in the Wild With This Easy DIY Camping Shower

There are plenty of things you look forward to when prepping for a camping trip: hiking, fresh air, bonding with loved ones and of course, s’mores. While all of those are certainly camping perks, you may not realize how much you miss some of the standard resources enjoyed in everyday life until you actually get

How To Life Hack a Solar Water Filter in a Pinch

Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness, prepping for a SHTF event, working out or just relaxing in your background, there’s one thing you’ll absolutely need: water. It’s important to remain hydrated, particularly during summertime, in order to stay healthy and energized. Due to the critical role that water plays in our lives, the ability to

10 Inventions That Make Us Scream “Take My Money”

I am all about working. Hard work is something that was taught to me at a very early age. My father came from a coal mining family from West Virginia so everything they had, it was worked hard for. They didn’t throw things away simply because they were a little worn or outdated they simply fixed