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89 Year Old Veteran Invents Wind Turbine That Does NOT Endanger Wildlife

89 Year Old Veteran Invents Wind Turbine That Does NOT Endanger Wildlife

It’s a Win-Win Situation for Everyone! Wind power has steadily been increasing in popularity in recent years, mainly because it’s a more environmentally friendly method of generating than many of the traditional methods and sources we’ve relied on for decades or even centuries. However, there is one major drawback to wind power, which is generated

This DIY Double Barrel Smoker Requires No Welding!

This is Great Even for Amateur DIYers! For anyone who’s into smoking or barbecuing meet, their technique is something they spend years perfecting and is also a source of pride. Heck, there are even national and international smoking competitons! Clearly, smoking meat is serious business and something that people invest a lot of time and

3 Insects That Make Great Survival Food

We Never Would Have Thought of This…But It’s All the Rage! When you think of gourmet cuisine, insects may not rank very high on your list of delicious and sought-after delicacies. After all, for most of us, insects are nothing but a nuisance and something that we typically put out poison for in the hopes

4 Bug Out Vehicles That Are Actually Affordable

You Don’t Have to Shell Out a Lot of Cash to Prepare for the Worst Just a few years ago, having a “bug out” vehicle would have seemed a little eccentric, something that only conspiracy theorists or fanatic survivalists might have. However, in today’s increasingly erratic and tumultuous world, having such a vehicle is actually

This Mini Drone Is Inexpensive and Easy to Make

This is a Great DIY Project for Beginners! Drones are certainly all the rage these days, with people buying them already made, making kits to construct them or building themselves with basic materials. You can buy expensive, high-end models with all the bells and whistles, but depending on what your purpose is for using one,

3 Reasons Raised Beds are the Ultimate Way to Garden

Every Gardener Needs to Try This Method! If you’re like us, you spend all winter looking forward to warmer weather and when you can finally start your garden. There are certainly several benefits to gardening, including enhancing your mood, becoming more self-sufficient, and even having more control over the quality of food you eat —

This May Be the Best Way to Carry a Concealed Weapon

Never Fumble Around for Your Gun Again! More and more people are getting into concealed carry, especially as an increasing number of states are allowing people to carry concealed weapons, and even expanding where concealed weapons are allowed, including schools. There have even been attempts in some states to allow concealed weapons in government buildings!