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If Disaster Strikes, You Want THESE Foods In Your Pantry!

If Disaster Strikes, You Want THESE Foods In Your Pantry!

This Should Be the First Thing On Your Disaster Checklist! Should the unthinkable happen, we’ll not only have to consider safety and shelter, we’ll also have to figure out how to eat. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a human-caused event, we may found ourselves without food, especially if people clear out the grocery stores


We Made This Simple DIY Hydrogen Generator for Just a Few Bucks!

This Is Energy You Can Use With a Clean Conscience! If you’re interested in renewable energy (we know we are!), then you are going to love this simple, easy-to-make DIY hydrogen generator. It makes hydrogen from water, in a practice that’s all the rage right now in the world of renewable energy. It uses what’s


Compost 101: Don’t Make These Mistakes?

It’s Really Hard to Mess Up Compost…But These Mistakes Are Really Common! Compost is an amazing thing. It reduces the amount of trash piling up in the landfills, because instead of throwing away food and other organic material, you put it all in a pile in your backyard where it can degrade and ultimately nourish

wood carving knife isolated with clipping path at this size

This DIY Wood Carving Knife Gives Professional Results!

This Tool Is Essential For Anyone Who Enjoys Woodworking! Every DIY enthusiast needs a good wood carving knife. This little tool is ideal for a wide range of DIY products, and gives you the control you need for detailed cuts and carving techniques. The idea behind a wood carving knife is that because the handle


5 Auto Repair Tips Straight From Professional Mechanics

Now You Can Learn From Their Years of Knowledge and Experience! Anyone who has a vehicle knows that it’s important to be able to perform basic and routine maintenance on your car. This simple little skill can save you big bucks that you might otherwise spend at the auto repair shop, plus it can help


How to build a hog trap

This Easy Method Might Just Save Your Land! If you’ve ever dealt with wild hogs on your land, you know what a nightmare it can be. In their search for food, they can destroy your land, ruining your crops and making it virtually impossible to use your land for anything productive. Plus, getting rid of