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These 4 Wild Plants Are Ideal for Treating a Toothache

These Plants Can Offer Relief Until You Can Get to a Dentist! There’s nothing quite like the intense pain of a toothache, which can leave you in agony and unable to do even the simplest task. Plus, a tooth infection is potentially deadly, so getting prompt medical treatment is imperative. However, toothaches have a way

These 3 Vegetables Are Incredibly Easy to Store

Stock Up On These and Have Plenty to Eat All Winter! Whether you’re a dedicated prepper wanting to stockpile enough food to get you through a SHTF situation, or you’re a homesteader wanting to ensure you have enough food to last you through even the harshest winter, it’s crucial that you know what foods are

6 Plants That Are Beautiful and Taste Great

Edible Landscaping Is Something Anyone Can Do! We’re always looking for ways we can accomplish two things with one action, especially if it’s something important that we can achieve by taking a seemingly simple, everyday action that’s something we might do anyway. That’s why we love the idea of edible landscaping. Not only are you

Here’s How to Make a Handmade Knife Without a Forge

This Is the Perfect DIY Project For Anyone Who Admires Good Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship! If you’re like us — and many other DIYers out there — you’re always looking for ways to make things on your own instead of buying them. This includes everything from complicated projects that take up the whole summer, to simple projects

7 Things to Know About Mule Deer Hunting

This May Be the Most Important Thing You Ever Read… If you’re new to deer hunting, one of the best things you can do is partner up with an experienced mentor who can show you the ropes and teach you everything he or she has learned over a long deer hunting career. However, not everyone

The 6 Aluminum Foil Hacks Are Genius!

They’re So Simple…But So Effective! Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that make like easier and your work more efficient and productive. And while many of us invest big chunks of money in fancy kitchen tools and gadgets, sometimes it’s the most mundane, everyday items that actually make the biggest difference. Case in point: aluminum foil.