What Is The New Madrid Fault Zone & Why Are People Concerned About It Splitting Off Part Of The U.S.

  • Have you ever wondered what the U.S. would look like if split in half?  Well according to a U.S. Geological Survey that was released if the worst occurs we just may find out.

    It's not enough that our country is split in half politically now we have to worry about a literal split!

    For those that are unaware of what the New Madrid Fault is let me explain. As many of you may already know the United States has quite a few fault lines lying underneath its beautiful surface. The most popular being the San Andres Fault out west.

    While the San Andres is also a fault line they are watching there are reasons that they fear the New Madrid Fault more and that is because it is six times larger than the San Andreas and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

    So let's take a look at what would happen and who would be severely affected by a rupture along this fault line.

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    1. Kathy Schronce said:

      With all the crap that is going on in America it probably will divide permanently if this country keeps going this way Karma and the vault will cover their areas.

    2. Bobbie Bothne said:

      I know mine wii have calif. in it maybe we could push it over a bit a just take calif out period. One could hope

      • Victoria Hammond said:

        I remember his predictions. Read Jess Sterns book,”The Sleeping Prophet” and others. He was very good!

    3. Mary Carolyn Cryer said:

      I grew up only 15 miles from New Madrid. Earthquakes were quite frequent. Most of my family still lives there although I am 900 miles away. Last time I visited there were 2 small earthquakes.

    4. Victoria Hammond said:

      I was in northern IIllinois, studying at home one late night. My husband was at the factory on the 3-11 pm shift, where television picture tubes hung above him, as they moved to another part of the assembly line. As I felt the house shaking, looked toward the living room, and saw the movement, had heard a loud thumping, I thought the furnace in the basement had blown up. I grabbed my sleeping son out of bed and ran outside. By then it had all stopped, but the air was crackling as I heard electrical boxes, buzzing all up and down the street, and saw the streetlights flickering. Soon my husband came home. Reported that the factory had been shut down, the TV sets above him, shaking for several minutes, the lights flickering and what not. All but the emergency team were sent out of plant, told to go home, about fifteen minutes early. Next day, on the news they said it was an earth quake. Well, it was from the New Madrid fault line. We know Yellowstone is a volcano Calderon, could blow at any time. And yes, all the nuclear power plants in the area. Remember the Japanese tsunami from that earthquake? All the workers contaminated. I remember the movie with Jane Fonda and Jack Lemon that came out around the time of the Three Mile Island event? If we get a big one on the New Madrid, (think of all the Oklahoma earthquakes from the fracking), Thousands of them, the San Andrea will go too. Just saw that movie recently

    5. Mary Jane Faunce said:

      would that be the mississippi river? if you look close we are already divided in half