What Is The New Madrid Fault Zone & Why Are People Concerned About It Splitting Off Part Of The U.S.

  • Have you ever wondered what the U.S. would look like if split in half?  Well according to a U.S. Geological Survey that was released if the worst occurs we just may find out.

    It's not enough that our country is split in half politically now we have to worry about a literal split!

    For those that are unaware of what the New Madrid Fault is let me explain. As many of you may already know the United States has quite a few fault lines lying underneath its beautiful surface. The most popular being the San Andres Fault out west.

    While the San Andres is also a fault line they are watching there are reasons that they fear the New Madrid Fault more and that is because it is six times larger than the San Andreas and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

    So let's take a look at what would happen and who would be severely affected by a rupture along this fault line.

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    1. Greg Gilbert said:

      Just as long as CA and NY are on the other side from me – I’m good.

    2. Jim Carton said:


    3. Mark Steiner said:

      and if dogs farted hard enough, they could fly. could is a word that is very much over used

    4. Bette Macomber said:

      Perhaps explains some of the recent activity in Oklahoma. Its right in the zone.

    5. Robert Bova said:

      that’s not half. that’s like 65%/35% (more if you include alaska and hawaii)

    6. Tod Gerst said:

      Heads up! Pink &a Purple fairies could fly out of my asscrack….

    7. Margaret McGoldrick Mucciolo said:

      Well then we can divide the population…. liberals, morons that want to support Muslims while they continue their world dominance campaign, supporting illegals to one side all others to the other side.

    8. Beverly Huschens Lucia said:

      That’s pretty hard to hear when there are so many patriotic conservatives that live here in California. We’ve been outnumbered by illegal voters and have no say. But that doesn’t mean you should wish for me and my family to fall into the ocean or be cut off from America.

    9. scruffy Scirocco said:

      By what stretch of the imagination will a New Madrid rupture cause the bulk of the west to sink more than a mile and become flooded? This article is nonsense.

    10. Marilyn Hamner said:

      Beverly Huschens Lucia, Jerry Brown and the other corrupt politicians have bankrupted, destroyed, and have made California a seditious state, and I don’t want to deal with the melting pot of lawlessness any more. I know there are some wonderful people in that state, but they have the choice to leave or be destroyed. I wish no harm to the good people of California, just want nothing to do with all the corruption, whining, elites from Hollywood, liboturds, democraps, etc., who are hell bent on destroying themselves but this country as well. I was wishing no harm to anyone, just didn’t want the state of CA to be in my half of the imaginary split of the U.S.

    11. Joann Alder said:

      I believe it was 1812 when it went off previously. Bells rang as far away as Philadelphia. At that time there were very few houses. Log cabins and tents. It will go again. The

    12. Robert Schwenke said:

      Where is al gore when we need him? This could be even bigger than global warming.

    13. Kathy Robinson Anderson said:

      Darn, don’t need another entity to divide the country. There is a pretty heavy duty battle going on right now doing that very thing….. dividing the country.

    14. Kathy Robinson Anderson said:

      Bottom line, will you be part of the rapture and escape the awful things that will destroy the earth . That’s the direction I’m going , whether it is in actual life or raised out of the grave, I will be headed to Heaven.

      • Victoria Hammond said:

        You hope and believe, but can you prove it in advance?

    15. Gloria Myers said:

      It would take a huge part of Louisiana and Nevada would gone ! Wow

    16. Marcia Harrell said:

      Beverly Huschens Lucia the conservatives need to stand up to your crazy governor!!

    17. Diana McIntosh said:

      Marilyn Hamner, I live here too and can’t wait to get out!! Crossing my fingers now for a transfer we are requesting!

    18. Diana Cook said:

      Well I guess I’ll have to buy about to go visit family on the other side

    19. Mike O'Daniel said:

      God said the world won’t end until he is ready not man nor beast or even Obama

    20. Kathy Robinson Anderson said:

      Of course I encourage everyone to read Mark 13:3…. but do not stop there . Read the whole chapter, and when you get to verse 30, pay attention to Jesus’s words. ,” Assuredly I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” There are three Heavens, atmospheric, celestial , and the heavenly Heaven where Jesus resides. I just know that We must be prepared , for otherwise we certainly could be tricked into believing mere man. But God’s word says, If we are prepared( saved, reborn again) we will be his forever and the angels will, at his command, come to get us to take us up into the clouds with Jesus and the rest of his elect to escape the awfulness that is yet to come.

      • Victoria Hammond said:

        You hope, the 144,000 that the Jehova’s witnesses are promised. BUT THEY, like the Mormans, keep recruiting people, promising well more than the promised “saved”, “lifted up on the rapture” 144,000 people. Logically impossible number of peopleSo I think somebody is lying!