Incredible Skills Native Americans Used To Survive The Cold May Help In Any Survival Situation!

  • If an emergency occurs in the winter, these skills the Native Americans used just might save your life!

    Many of us have stockpiles of food and water and we think we are ready for anything. However, what if the power goes out during a harsh winter and gets really cold? Or what if it isn't safe to stay home so you have to bug out when there is snow? This is when you need to know how to stay warm during the winter.

    Most of us are so used to our central heating, furnaces and other ways to stay warm that we often don't think about how we would survive without them. This makes us think about how the Native Americans did it. After all, they had to survive outside during all types of harsh weather including the bitter cold of winter.If you remember and use the skills that they did, you will be better prepared for a winter emergency!

    We Have Gathered The Skills  The Native American Used To Help Them Survive The Winter And They Can Be Found On The Next Page.

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    1. Lisa Mccall said:

      Sadly all I can think of is, indigenous people were free, and now their lives are stagnant. Stuck in one place, my family moved around before being forced out of freedom.

    2. Carolyn Fixen said:

      My family were homesteaders and knew this. We still watch the signs like they taught us. My children – ages 31 to 39 know the weather by what’s happening and how live without modern luxuries. We dont have to watch or listen to weather. It’s all in how one views life. 🙂

    3. Carolyn Fixen said:

      We prepare all summer I
      Into call for winter. We are starting to prepare for next winter now. 🙂

    4. George Martin said:

      Haven’t we taken enough away from them already . I think you meant there’s so much we can learn from them . That sure sounds much better .

    5. Bruce Somes said:

      I like the example of the pioneers, indians weren’t all farmers, most were thieves and warriors, slavery and abusing women was preminate. Rituals of human sacrafice was common.

    6. Pat Ojard said:

      Ummm yeah….we took quite a lot away….land, dignity, heritage.

    7. Chris Carpenter said:

      If love to spend a few years learning from the northern tribes of the Dakota’s. Living and learning their ways. We need to get back to knowing how to coexist with the world we live in once more.

    8. Jay Reyes said:

      “There is so much we can take away from Native Americans”

      Yeah. Land for starters.

    9. Brent Maloy said:

      Can you imagine how many times they had to push ‘next’ to learn what they knew!

    10. Luc Mo said:

      man i fallow so many messed up humor pages, i took that way out of context

    11. Jonathan McGirr said:

      No, I think the early settlers pretty much took everything away from them already.

    12. Brian Peters said:

      Here’s a skill you can learn from indians. Don’t take free stuff from the government. Like blankets.

    13. Keimo Clayton said:

      Uh there is so much we have already taken from them. Isn’t enough enough?

    14. Chris DeRusseau said:

      I always liked indians because I thought they were like original ninjas, silent and deadly. But they also did these things: owned slaves, tortured captives, squandered resources until they had to move around nearly starved, and murdered women and children. Before whites got there. So in many ways they got the shaft, no doubt, but don’t blindly believe the “noble savage” myths either. They were humans, no more no less.

    15. Clint Hurst said:

      Why take anymore we’ve already taken everything that I have including their dignity

    16. Sander Ruder said:

      Jonathan, that was exactly the same thng that came to my mind 🙂

    17. Jackson Ray said:

      We can take all we want,they came from another continent also and we’re named by white men

    18. Sam Fay said:

      “There is so much we can take away from Native Americans:” Yes we tried to kill all of them out of greed and religion helped do it.

    19. Guido Quispe said:

      Well history of human kind ..evolve and adjust to the changes or face extinction. .one good example is the Japanese culture (the beliefs in their was destroyed with a nuke but they did not forgot their roots instead they embraced and evolve to became the modern Japan Wich is simbol of modern technology and tradition)

    20. Guido Quispe said:

      Yes religion the hipocrits that turn feith into religion. .the same type that crucified Jesus christ

    21. Mike Parke said:

      And by embracing the god of technology. Their birth rate has plummeted to unsustainable levels. They’re top heavy with elderly and at the current birth rate will be toast within the next 20yrs or so. Most currently work 15hrs plus daily and do not take vacation. Many die from exhaustion at their jobs. Life is a two edged sword.

    22. Guido Quispe said:

      I have to agreed to that .they need to Balanced that..other wise they will cause their own extinction. .by opening their borders to inmigrants..the way northern European countries did..

    23. Randall Etter said:

      You mean like their culture their language their land their freedom their children their ability to even have children? No I for one think we have taken more than enough! But hey I know what your saying. WE CAN LEARN FROM THEM!

    24. Sam Fay said:

      Guido Quispe Please learn how to spell before commenting anymore. FYI there is no god.

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