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What’s Going on With The Earthquake Swarm in Yellowstone

What’s Going on With The Earthquake Swarm in Yellowstone

If you live in certain parts of the country, you stockpile and prep with the possibility of an earthquake in mind. They’re not exactly the most predictable natural disasters you can encounter so it can be nerve-wracking when there is an increase in the number of smaller earthquakes near you. Yellowstone National Park, for example,

4 Dangerous Things We Should Let Kids Do

Children are amazingly inquisitive creatures who always seem to find the most dangerous way to do the most dangerous things. As a parent, this sends our heart and our anxiety levels into over drive as we hurriedly try and shield our children from any danger that may befall them. While this is great and we should protect

Invasive Toads a Becoming a Major Problem in the South

As if the south didn’t have enough issues with pests. Between the alligators, mosquitos, the humidity and now toads it’s a wonder anyone still lives here. Growing up in the south I remember many things being labeled a pest but now this issue is going beyond the occasional nuisance. It’s become a massive problem and

Not All Hiking Boots Are Created Equal

When you’re in the great outdoors, you sooner or later realize that you’re only as safe and prepared as your equipment. The ability to plan and think ahead are critical whether you’re heading out on an afternoon hike or a multi-day trek. One of those main things you’ll do to prepare for any time in

How To Identify & Treat Poison Ivy

The outdoors offer a number of positives from the fresh air and the views to the wildlife and peacefulness. However, it also comes with its downsides. Whether it’s wildlife, weather or something else, you’ve probably encountered your fair share of nature roadblocks. One of those roadblocks is the plants. At first, nature’s greenery may seem

Turn These Wild Plants into Flour

It’s difficult for us to imagine what life was like for many of our ancestors who lived centuries ago. We can read about them in history books and watch documentaries on their lifestyles, but we’ll never truly understand their day-to-day struggles due to the progress we’ve made as a human race. We rely on technology

Living Off The Grid: Tent Style

There are many benefits to living a life free from the chaos of a technology dependent society. Alternative living situations are no longer things that people simply think about then push to the side. More and more people are investing in the materials and supplies needed to transition from a life bound by constant connectivity to a