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3 Extremely Dangerous Snakes & How To Identify Them

You may not think your chances get bit by a venomous snake are slim but why risk it? You should always know how to identify venomous snakes. By learning how to identify snakes, even babies, you can learn to recognize a snake by its coloring and head shape.This is something everyone should be prepared for.


How to build a small animal trap

Growing up my family lived out in an area that is known to be a rural community. I loved it. We had trees and wooded areas nearby and open fields covered and family in every direction. There was even a pond close by where we would go fishing or at least stood there for as


Soda Can Fish Hook In Just A Few Easy Steps

It still amazes me what you can do with a simple soda can! There seems to be a use for every subject you can think of and as always I am a huge proponent of recycling and using every part of every item of everything that you have! This is just another genius hack that


DIY Atenna That Will Extend Range And Increase Communication

Any hunter, outdoorsman, DIY’er, homesteader or survivalist knows that being way out in the middle of nowhere is something to be enjoyed. The quiet solitude of nature is soothing and a great relief from the stresses of the modern world. There are times however that you need to communicate with people, even if those people are


How To Successfully Hunt Rabbit

There are many techniques that float around on the proper way to hunt an animal. You can find a theory for just about every tip, trick and guide that there is as to why that particular way is the best way. For as long as humans have been hunting rabbits have always been in our