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5 Cool National Park Hikes You Should Complete This Spring & Summer

5 Cool National Park Hikes You Should Complete This Spring & Summer

One of the most difficult things about spring and summer is when you’re stuck indoors (either for school, work or otherwise) and simply have to watch the beautiful weather pass by day after day. You have to give yourself a balance and spend some time in the fresh air to reset yourself. If hiking is

6 Mistakes To Avoid Out In The Wild

We are in a great place right now. I know that some of you, if not many of you would disagree with me on that fact but I say it is great because right now we are still in the calm before the storm. This should be great news to many of you as it

[Video] How To Get Fire From an EMPTY Lighter

Have you ever thought about what to do if the light that you have tucked away is empty? Most everyone I know who is into prepping and survival has more than one way to start a fire stored away in the various nooks and crannies of their bug out bag. In fact, in many cases, they

9 Skills From History That Every Prepper Needs Today

When we look back at history and hear about the things that they accomplished it often boggles the mind at how they were able to do some of the things they did without the luxury of modern convenience. Yet they survived- heck we are where we are today because they paved the way for us. Yet

[Video] Watch Out For These 10 Deadly Animals

Now that beautiful weather is here once again more and more people are venturing outdoors to enjoy the warmth. There are however those that go out completely ill-equipped for what he or she may find there, and then they run into something unexpected and deadly. There’s plenty of unknowns in the wilderness and while we

Try These 2 Simple Tips to Catch More Striped Bass

These Simple Little Tricks Will Really Up Your Fishing Game! If your fish of choice happens to be striped bass, then you’ve probably found that catching these elusive creatures can be, well, a bit challenging…which is probably a massive understatement. Striped bass often lurk behind trees or boulders, and may even hang out in eddies