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Glass Jar Projects to Kick Start Spring

It’s getting to be that time of year when the urge to spring clean begins to hang over our head. The warmer weather begs us to make our homes more bright, fresh, clean and organized. Our houses need to be dusted off after winter. We immediately think of updating our backyard by adding new plants

How To Build a Wooden Alternator

As a survivalist, your first priority is to ensure that you can remain self-sufficient and safe in any situation. Your preparations might include a stockpile, arming yourself or researching alternative sources of power. In this day and age, technology allows us to be more independent than ever before, which is why homesteading and living off

Build an Outdoor Canning Kitchen for Less Than $100

If you have experience gardening, then you know how rewarding and convenient it can be to have your own produce in your yard. You can grab fresh flowers, several tomatoes and a handful of basil for your dinner party without ever having to step foot in a grocery store. And if part of your garden

Keep Ticks Away This Summer with These Easy to Make Tick Tubes

We all love when spring comes around. The blooming plants, the sunny days and the plain fact that we survived winter gives us extra energy and inspiration. Unfortunately, spring also brings pesky problems, such as ticks, in tow. You might think that ticks are too small to cause a huge problem or that your location provides

A Simple Outdoor Bar & Buffet For any Space

If you have a backyard and enjoy entertaining your friends and family, then the spring and summer months are your favorite time of year. You can break out the lanterns, uncover the patio furniture, plant a new garden and festively decorate your backyard. It’s the ultimate place to have a party. You can take your

How To Build A Natural Swimming Pool

What’s the activity you most look forward to doing when spring and summer rolls around? For some it might be gardening or going to the beach. For many, though, it’s enjoying time spent in their swimming pool. There’s nothing like being able to jump into that refreshing water when the temperatures are off the charts.

[Video] How To Build a Graywater System

Imagine that your city is facing a drought. What would you do first? What activities would you need to limit or cut out completely of your daily routine to conserve water? Depending on where you live, you may already have experience in this situation. Water is one of those resources we take for granted even