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How To Cut Glass Without Breaking It

There are so many times scrolling through various crafting pages and DIY pages that you see those awesome projects made out of glass bottles. I often wonder how in the world the person was able to get the bottle to cut so perfectly or put a hole in the bottle without having the rest of


These DIY Wall Sconces Are Fun and Functional!

You’ll Love How These Sconces Will Make Your Home Look! If there’s one way to quickly and easily give any room in your home an immediate facelift, it’s installing wall sconces. These functional but also eye-catching light fixtures add a touch of sophistication to everything from the living room to a home office, and will


Build A Compressed Air Gun On the Cheap!

This Is a Powerful, Versatile Tool! A compressed air gun is a powerful tool that’s surprisingly easy to make, even if you’re a DIY novice who’s just getting started. It’s also easier than you might think, and we found a simple, basic compressed air gun that costs just $60 to make and doesn’t require a