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How To Build a Forge Blower

How To Build a Forge Blower

When looking at long-term survival one has to think far ahead. It’s so much more than a simple camping trip or living for a few days out in the wild with friends. You have to think about long-term sustainability and everything that entails. This includes being able to craft things that normally you could just

Blacksmithing: How To Choose The Right Metal

This is an Essential Guide for Both Novices and Veterans! If you’re involved in blacksmithing, you know that it’s only partly about skill and technique, and also partly about knowing what type of metal to choose for specific types of blacksmithing projects. For beginners, it’s usually recommended to use copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum

This DIY Electric Kiln Can Save a Lot of Money!

Every Artist Should Know How to Make One of These! If you’re involved in ceramics, pottery or other similar artistic pursuits, you’ll need a kiln. However, they can be quite pricey, which can be prohibitive for artists who are just starting out or those on a budget. Plus, you may not always need a high-end

How To Make An Ice Gel Pack

It’s always good to have ice packs around. As DIY’ers we work a lot and that can lead to sore muscles, sprains and other aches and pains. In order to keep going, we must get rid of the aches and pains and continue plowing forward. As the motto goes here why buy when you can

Craft a Knife from an Old Rifle

Looking for a new project and happen to have a shot out M1 Rifle around that you’re wondering what to do with? While that seems very specific, it is a project that we stumbled upon here recently in our search for finding the best survival projects. We thought it was interesting and a great challenge. Now

Learn How to Prevent Spinout and Stay Safe on the Roads

Get Peace of Mind No Matter What Kind of Conditions You’re Driving In! No matter how confident and competent a driver you are, you may still get nervous driving in hazardous conditions such as slick roads. And there’s a good reason for this because no matter how careful you are, a slick or icy road