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This Planter is Made From a Wine Bottle and Waters Itself!

This Trick Turns Anyone Into a Gardener! We’re always looking for ways to use everyday objects for unexpected purposes. It’s even better when it’s an item that otherwise might end up in the garbage dump, but that we can salvage and transform into something useful. That’s definitely the case with this self-watering wine bottle planter,

Chainsaw Maintenance 101: Our Top 3 Tips

These Simple Little Tips Could Make All the Difference! A chainsaw is a big investment, and it’s also one power that many homesteaders, DIYers, and others can’t live without. After all, you can use it for everything from getting rid of dangerous dead tree limbs to building furniture. With so much at stake and invested

Bushcraft 101: How to Make a Tomahawk Handle

This Is a Versatile Tool That’s a Vital Addition to Your Toolkit! When you’re out in the wild, one of the most important skills you can have is the ability to make a simple but effective weapon, something you can you for everything from chopping wood to make a fire, to defending yourself, to hunting

This Emergency Shelter is Portable and Could Save Someone’s Life!

We’re Buying One of These for Our Bug Out Kit! If the unthinkable should happen and you were forced to flee your home, finding shelter quickly could be quite difficult, especially if you also have to deal with dangerous or inclimate weather such as rain, harsh temperatures or storms. This situation could become even worse

How To Build a Concealment Shelf

If you’re like me, there are certain items that you want to hide in your home. Those items might include jewelry, cash, personal documents, weapons or something similar. It can be difficult to find safe and concealed places that can provide the type of security you’re comfortable with. It can become even more difficult when you

How To Build A Brick Pizza Oven In 24 Hours

Pizza is a meal we can all agree on. It easily feeds your stomach and your soul. Everyone has their favorite pizza place where the pizza is consistently perfect due to that large brick oven it cooks in. You keep going back to the restaurant because you think you can’t get the same perfect pizza without

Don’t Throw Away These Items

One of the best parts of DIY/Survival is being able to look at something and see not just the item that it was intended but also for what it could be. That is what this article is about. Being able to look at everyday items as something more than what they are currently. We are