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Making a Waste Oil Burner for FREE Heat

Waste Not Want Not! Use this waste oil burner to get rid of excess oils in a safe manner all the while heating any area you put it in. We absolutely LOVE this project! As DIY’ers and preppers, we absolutely adore any project that combined the two topics and this one does just that. It takes

Blacksmithing Basics: How to Make a Flatter

This Is a Tool Every Blacksmith Needs! Whether you’re a novice or veteran blacksmith, you’ll likely have need for a flatter at some point. A flatter is essentially a finishing tool, and is used to smooth out bumps and hammer marks on the finished iron. It’s a rather unusual looking tool, with a square head

(VIDEO) These Shotgun Slugs Are Made From Dumbbells!

We Want to Try These for Ourselves! We just love it when people take something ordinary and use it an unexpected way to make something extraordinary. That’s certainly the case with these dumbbell shotgun slugs, which are certainly one of the most unique gun-related things we’ve ever seen! Gun enthusiasts will definitely love these unusual

How To Forge a Knife Out of a Railroad Spike

We all know that having a skill that is usable to make weapons is a great asset to have and towards the top of this list seems to be Blacksmithing. Being able to take a piece of metal and create something that can aid in the defense of yourself or a loved one is vital.

This DIY Mouse Trap Really Works!

We’ll Never Use Store-Bought Mouse Traps Again! No one likes having to deal with mice. Not only do they destroy your home and eat your food and possibly your belongings, they can also carry potentially deadly diseases. One or two mice in your home occasionally likely won’t cause that much damage or be too much

Making a Smoker Out of an Old Fridge

There are so many ways to reuse old things. A friend of mine often says “Throwing things away furniture shows a lack of imagination.”  and to be honest I now understand what they were referring to. When I stumbled across this gem I simply had to watch it. I love not only the retro vibe

Forging a Rebar Knife With No Power Tools At All

It doesn;t matter if you have chosen a life off the grid or are simply looking to learn how to survive in the event outside situations force us off the grid, knowing how to make weapons and tools is something that will NEVER be a waste of time. This short video will delve into what