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chisel rack

How To Make A Chisel Rack

There is nothing worse than looking for a tool and not being able to find it. Sure having your tools laying around all grouped together on the table is “easy” but it can cost you something more valuable than the cost of building your own rack and that is time. A chisel rack is an


How to build a hog trap

This Easy Method Might Just Save Your Land! If you’ve ever dealt with wild hogs on your land, you know what a nightmare it can be. In their search for food, they can destroy your land, ruining your crops and making it virtually impossible to use your land for anything productive. Plus, getting rid of


Keeping leather looking new with these tips

Anyone who has owned anything made of leather knows that over time leather will fade, crack or become otherwise damaged. Depending on what this item is it can be very frustrating yet with some simple care and tips from the professionals you can keep your leather products looking great for a very long time to


How to Make a Snowball Shooter From a Leafblower

I will admit that I cringe when I see a leaf blower. Mainly because there was a time when I was a kid when our neighbor was using his leaf blower as I had a picnic and him “accidently” blew debris onto my cupcake, and I wasn’t able to eat it. Granted I probably should


9 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Anyone Can Build Themselves

If you want to go outside but it is just way too cold, then consider making one of these fantastic outdoor fireplaces to keep you warm! Many of us don’t go outside that often during the winter because it is just too darn cold. Sometimes it can even be downright freezing. However, this means that


Never Get Locked Out Again With This DIY Tip

We have all at one point or another purchased those fake rocks that are supposed to shield our keys from intruders yet provide a safe way to have a spare key in the event that we lose our. As someone who loses things on a regular basis I can tell you that while a great


How To Make A Washing Machine Out of a 5 Gallon Bucket

I noticed this project awhile back and had been toying with the idea of making it just to say that I have one. Honestly, I had to giggle when I saw it because if the world goes to garbage and there is no electricity doing laundry will probably be the least of my concerns. I