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Three Crops That Are Best For Survival They Can Last For Over A Year!

Three Crops That Are Best For Survival They Can Last For Over A Year!

If you want to be self-sufficient and survive on your own, these crops that can last more than a year for the ones you need! There are many different types of survival. There is trying to survival in the wild with enough food and supplies to last you. Then there is also trying to make


How To Use 12 Everyday Items As Weapons

When you need to protect yourself against a violent attack from someone else, here are twelve items that you use every day that can be turned into weapons! Sometimes the world can be a dangerous place. It can be full of people that need money and will rob or attack someone to get it. Or


How to make a home solar friendly

If you want to make your homestead as self-sufficient as possible, then you can use these simple steps to make it solar friendly! Many people dream of building their homestead for several reasons. We take pride in doing things our way and making them work. We also do not want to be dependent on anything


How to make a drill press vice

If you need a new drill press vice, then this you should build this simple and sturdy with these easy steps! Many of us like to create and build and do things ourselves. We just feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when we get use out of something we made. It is also


9 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Anyone Can Build Themselves

If you want to go outside but it is just way too cold, then consider making one of these fantastic outdoor fireplaces to keep you warm! Many of us don’t go outside that often during the winter because it is just too darn cold. Sometimes it can even be downright freezing. However, this means that