Why The UN Thinks The US is Headed Towards Another Civil Conflict

  • Across the globe, we find countries of different sizes with different types of individuals and different standards of living. While some nations have a more homogenized population, others are a melting pot of diversity. We can all agree that the U.S. is one of those melting pot nations and that the diversity is what has made us one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. Thanks to that diversity, people flock to this country to pursue both their dreams and freedom.

    However, in light of recent events, Americans are not the only ones concerned about the future of the country. Typically, the U.S. is one of the leading countries in the United Nations. However, the UN has suddenly become just as nervous as we are about how the nation will move forward. Are horrific crises like Charlottesville going to continue? What happens if the government can no longer control and positively influence its people?

    Keep reading on the next page to learn how the UN is reacting to recent changes in the U.S. and how that reaction is being received!

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    1. Gary Burris said:

      Hey Nate Locutus Zachary, last checked, black folks at a college, couldn’t even have white professors near em.

    2. Bryan Schwanbeck said:

      The UN believes we’re headed for another Civil War because THEY are behind it….

    3. Sue Staley said:

      Which those morons would love to settle into the world communist/socialist mode. The UN worries me more than the NK.

    4. Stephen E Lindsey said:

      The U. N can’t even keep their own troops from raping and killing those people their supposed to be protecting.
      We don’t care for what the U. N thinks or wants.
      Just keep your blue helmets off our soil.
      You come here
      We’ll bury you here

    5. Stephen Ward said:

      On a side note, a civil war would kill millions… opening up a ton of job opportunities left behind. Trump helping the economy yet again! Lol

    6. Garret Anglin said:

      The UN…again. A couple of observations about them and their “concerns.” First, the USA is a huge cash cow for them, or was, so that would dry up immediately. Secondly, do these fools honestly believe that if there is a civil conflict here, that somehow, they and their Tower of Babel in NYC would be allowed to survive? LMAO

    7. Joseph Allen said:

      How do you know the UN is useless? They are more concerned about civil unrest in the US, rather than being concerned over Iran violating their nuclear power deal and North Korea doing whatever the hell they want. UN needs to just dissolve.

    8. Jason Rasor said:

      Because we quit spanking kids and told them it’s ok to be gay all throughout school.
      Then told them their worthless if they don’t go to college so they never learned anything except to spell and puntuat and had no redeeming value when they dropped out of college.

    9. Michael G. O'Brien said:

      It used to be a great country before LBJ started unlimited 3rd world non-historic immigration and overpopulation set in from them, and the overbreeders we already had, along with the dumb down of the average. Diversity is garbage and really only for biology, meaning many species, we are losing that with the overpopulation MLK first noticed in 1966. Now, we look at the results of this overpopulation, especially of American type fossil fuel users, graphic of Dr. Malcolm Light;

    10. Michael G. O'Brien said:

      Daniel W. Matthews LBJ was even worse when he forced the growth only economy, great society black generational welfare and unlimited 3rd world immigration of people who had already ruined their own countries with overbreeding. The average IQ has dropped from 100 to 93, which is laborer level. Too many laborers ruins a crew.

    11. Nathan Hardin said:

      I can gaurantee u civil war is comin! N it doesn’t take a degree or a crystal ball to see that it’s comin! But please don’t let this Interupt your football game or get in the way of you acting like you’re better than your neighbor!

    12. Ken Broderick said:

      I totally agree. I was telling a friend the other day I believe we will see a low grade civil war in my lifetime

    13. Michael Tucker said:

      What happens in our nation is none of their fucking business and they’d be well warned to stay the$#%&!@*out of it!

    14. Jason Haddix said:

      f**k the U.N should have been decommissioned a long fucking time ago.

    15. Melvin Wallace said:

      f**k the UN and what they think they are Irrelevant this is America we are a Sovereign Nation and we do what we fucking want to. Again$#%&!@*the UN

    16. Glenn Hess said:

      The UN sucks butt. The sooner it moves to Europe the better. But if civil war does break out the UN will be targeted, as well as liberal journalists, congress people, and liberal political hacks. And, don’t forget all would be jihadists living in the USA.

    17. Larry Pucci said:

      Because the un’s globalist masters are pushing for a civil war. Do you think all this division is coming out of nowhere?

    18. Dewey Hamm said:

      Race, class warfare, liberals, democrats, BLM, Antifa, Khazarian cartels, LGBT, all are against conservatives. Sooner or later the conservatives will stand up, don’t know when but eventually it will happen. Whenever it does that will become the bloodiest civil war the world has ever seen with no aid from any outside military force. How can I say that, because “we” the US has always stopped bloodily civil wars, not anyone else.

    19. Dewey Hamm said:

      Daren Miller it is 63,000,000 of us. It is 38,500,000 million of you. Get a book, do the math.

    20. Dewey Hamm said:

      It’s 63,000,000 of us. Write to the UN, tell them to come on in and let’s do this

    21. Dewey Hamm said:

      On a separate side note, millions will starve to death, die from disease, or from the left killing the left… Jobs opening up, housing opening up, healthcare more affordable, less taxes, more rights, less slackers.

    22. Jon Grasso said:

      I think 110 million is a good number to stop the culling at…

    23. Robert Sean said:

      The UN would love nothing more than a Civil War breaking out in the USA. They’re Hellbent on enslaving the entire world and becoming the One World Government the Globalist Progressives like George Soros and his monkeys, Hilary, Obama, McCain and McConnell are trying to implement.

    24. William Rembowski said:

      Obama was a great President. A man of intelligence, honor, integrity and principal. One day he’ll be enshrined on Mt. Rushmore.

    25. Will Zielinski said:

      The UN needs to be looking around the world where there are actual conflicts a quit trying to stir up$#%&!@*in our country.

    26. Benji Rodgers said:

      Thomas Jefferson said he hoped we wouldn’t go 20 years without revolution. Keeps the politicians in their place.

    27. Jt Wed said:


    28. Doug Marks said:

      they’re right, we are headlong on the way to another civil war.

    29. Wilhelm Vo said:

      If we are it wont last long 99% of republicans and librarians are armed and have very similar views VS the$#%&!@*left democrats