Why The UN Thinks The US is Headed Towards Another Civil Conflict

  • Across the globe, we find countries of different sizes with different types of individuals and different standards of living. While some nations have a more homogenized population, others are a melting pot of diversity. We can all agree that the U.S. is one of those melting pot nations and that the diversity is what has made us one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. Thanks to that diversity, people flock to this country to pursue both their dreams and freedom.

    However, in light of recent events, Americans are not the only ones concerned about the future of the country. Typically, the U.S. is one of the leading countries in the United Nations. However, the UN has suddenly become just as nervous as we are about how the nation will move forward. Are horrific crises like Charlottesville going to continue? What happens if the government can no longer control and positively influence its people?

    Keep reading on the next page to learn how the UN is reacting to recent changes in the U.S. and how that reaction is being received!

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    1. Travis John Girten said:

      It gets better as the post goes on. “The government can no longer control there citizens” that’s the problem in the first place… you can’t control$#%&!@*

    2. Tnek Nuah said:

      Keep the Freakin U.N. our of our business in fact kick them out of our country.

    3. William Major said:

      Because of all of these trump loving inbreds who threaten civil war if trump is impeached…

      …which is going to happen

    4. William Major said:

      The face of terrorism in America…has ALWAYS been the face of terrorism in America…

      White supremacists

    5. Bobby Couch said:

      Im not even sure what you mean by that but I can damn sure blame obama for signing that paper. Because he did. And it will be a cold day in hell before I give in to blue helmets. And before you try playing the race card, Im biracial.

    6. Mike Pulliam said:

      I agree that armed insurrection is coming soon but not along racist lines but rather because of disparate economic and political corruption concerns.

    7. Andrew Brady said:

      Feeding into the Obumbles globalist agenda. He wanted racial strife.

    8. Rocky Johnson said:

      This country is indeed on the brink of Civil War. The anti Trump crowd is pushing the pro Trump crowd too far. When,not if,the Leftists impeach Trump, it will trigger war in the streets. When it’s over,we will reinstall President Trump in the Whitehouse.

    9. Rob Holt said:

      And it will be equally none of their damned business.

    10. Aaron Purdy said:

      ^ You have failed to pay attention in the last 8 years Mr William Major

    11. Doug Greene said:

      The UN should have way bigger concerns then what “could” happen in America. Enforce the middle east problems, Muslim invations of other countries that have caused civil unrest, go to countries that violate basic human rights from human sex trafficking, black people still being auctioned for slavery, the war on drug trafficking, The war on Christians in the middle east? Your group of saviors need to allocate way more resources to much bigger issues and threats then what is happening here in the USA! UNTILL YOU HAVE DONE ANY GOOD WITH ANY OF THESE OTHER ISSUES, DONT EVEN WORRY ABOUT AMERICA. You won’t like the results of your trying to straiten out our problems.
      Have a nice day, and stay away until invited!

    12. Daniel W. Matthews said:

      William Major ain’t nothing but a racist Aaron Purdy Just check out his whole page. Obama was the worst thing ever for this country

    13. Gino Ortiz said:

      Didn’t the confederate lose the war like bad….so why use a flag that was put out of commission by the feds who make u follow the laws of the ….Nm lol

    14. Gino Ortiz said:

      No Nate Locutus Zachary
      Its really not alot of ur statements provoke the opposite so don’t.

    15. Gino Ortiz said:

      If goerge Washington knew this was happening to his beloved country he would flip$#%&!@*up in his grave

    16. David Carroll said:

      Leave diversity out of it. It’s all due to corruption…. diversity= corruption……9 years ago the diversity/racial problems were under control.

    17. JF Nowinski said:

      Blue helmets make spectacular targets. I’d love to see them try.

    18. Ricky Mayo said:

      F#$K the UN . Arrest obama I’d you want to blame someone for for the racial divide in America. P.S. Mind your own business or get your$#%&!@*handed to you.

    19. JF Nowinski said:

      Odds are with us Thomas Keneally. I fear no liberal with a weapon. Training takes a huge turn when someone returns fire. Pissy pants will be everywhere.

    20. Bill Coffey said:

      Under Obama we were only a spark away. Things feel much better now but could merely be the calm before the storm.

    21. Bill Coffey said:

      If Moore wins and they attempt to “unseat” him for an accusation (no proof) from 40 years ago there may surely be hell.

    22. Corey Coley said:

      Yeup always racist white folk… cuz I guess black people can’t be racist

    23. Joe Fox said:

      Nate Locutus Zachary the KKK was invented and populated by Democrats. Still are. Gino Ortiz the war was won by the north you win a cookie. I think you all miss my point. I was pointing out how fragile half of us are. Poor Forrest Hilderbrand is shaking his empty head at the mention of a flag and the rest of you are getting out your old text books double checking your history trivia. You have proven my point.

    24. Curt Boroff said:

      I think if the UN tried that while we were in civil disorder, we’d rally together and stomp their$#%&!@* When that’s over we’d either be united again, or we would finish what we started, amongst ourselves.

      If civil unrest goes down, than so be it. But I assure you, Americans will not just let some uninvited military be a third contender in the future of OUR liberty.
      $#%&!@*the UN and their NWO agenda. Come get some pansies.

    25. Kevin Fratus said:

      Who cares what the U.N. say they don’t give two shits about us or our country

    26. John Haws said:

      I’m talking about Nobama he is the biggest problem we have he is a disgrace to this country

    27. Tony Barone said:

      Nate Locutus Zachary no it’s not, unless you’re making it about race. There are no laws in this country governing race. There are laws like that all over the world but not here. Just because you can find a handful of assholes doesn’t mean it represents a substantial portion of the population.

    28. Glenn McBurney Sr said:

      Nate Locutus Zachary i grow up in a mostly black neighbor hood in the 60’s and raised our kids there i was thought not to look at the color of a man’s skin but the internet of his heart and that is how we raised our kid’s you really need to stop looking at skin color

    29. Brad Tallent said:

      They are trying to start one. We the people don’t want any type of war.