She Cuts Paper Towels In Half & Soaks Them In Vinegar. Her Reason Is Brilliant!

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  • These Lysol Wipes are better than the ones you get at the store because they do not contain any harsh chemicals that you put on your kitchen counter-top.

    Check Out This Short Video That Shows You How To Easily Make Them.

    What Do You Think, Would You Have Ever Thought Of This Before?

    Is So… Tell Us About It & What You Used.


    1. Adam Robinson said:

      I found a old dish washer with a butcher block top attached to the top of it, got it free. The butcher block looked really ruff . Took the butcher block top off took, then took the washer to the scrap yard an went an bought some fine grit sand paper, gave the block a quick scuffing . An put vegetable oil on it and it was good as new . Any kind of cooking oil will make a old wore out looking butcher block look new again .

      • Greg said:

        Do NOT use vegetable or olive oil on any wooden food prep surfaces. It will go rancid and can make you sick. Mineral oil or nut oils are OK to use.

    2. Adam Robinson said:

      After, obviously I need to take it back out to the garage for a fine grit sand paper sanding . Because we put everything on this hot pots and pans , cut veggies , we cut large pieces of meat on it . It gets used alot .

    3. Bill Riley said:

      Absolutely not a life hack, it’s a waste of paper towels. They just fall apart, and your house smells awful. Don’t trust any hacks you see on FB Ads people.

    4. Zain Rizvi said:

      Haha I’m down with the Clorox wipes! I want to try these homemade wipes too

    5. Joshua Appleton said:

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    6. EBT said:

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