Off The Grid Survival: Man Lives in Cave for 40 Years

  • Living in a desolated part of the province of Tucuman located in the northwest of Argentina Pedro de Colalao has lived alone with his animals for the past 40 years! To be honest I am not sure I could live alone for 40 years, the silence alone may drive me mad and you would find me on the side of a mountain talking to a goat like it was a person but somehow he has managed.

    His life is pretty solitary and the work that needs to be done daily is vast and all done by him and him alone. He wakes up at 3AM to start a fire and tend to his animals. He has elven roosters and two goats. He spends his days hunting and trapping for food or if things get scarce he goes to the nearest village which is  3 hours away down the mountain for some supplies that cannot be grown or made.  Now he is not totally without money as he and

    Now he is not totally without money as he collects his pension of 160 USD to help provide for the things that he cannot obtain from nature but for the most part he lives off the land and uses what he can find to survive. He collects water from a creek and keeps away the predatory animals with his shotgun that is always by his side.

    In regards to his life he had this to say

    “I never asked myself why I chose to live here,” he says.  “Sometimes, I think that I would have liked to travel the world, see Europe. But there’s a lot of sea in the middle of it all and you have to have the time to cross that sea.”

    The lesson we can take from him is this: Live life how you want to live it and living off the grid is actually something that can be accomplished long term if you truly want it.

    Source: The Modern Survivalist

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    1. Robin Allen said:

      This is cool but why expose him like this so that the government can look for him

    2. CJ Guidali said:

      No Nagging,
      No Criticism,
      No Drama
      Just quiet evenings.

    3. Paul Luttrull said:

      Just some practical questions: was he living on someone else’s land? If not, how did he pay property taxes? Did he work? He had transportation? You can’t live off the land unless you’re in a very very wildlife abundant area… How did he purchase ammo? Does he spend winters in Florida?