Off The Grid Survival: Man Lives in Cave for 40 Years

  • You are never too old for living off the grid!

    I sometimes hear people say that they are simply too old to live off the grid. Which to me translates into it's just really hard so why would I. While yes I believe to each their own let's at least be honest and say “I don't want to.” because the age excuse is merely just that, an excuse and 79-year-old Pedro Luca of San Pedro de Colalao proves that.

    To find out how he has managed to survive 40 years in a cave keep reading.

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    1. Robin Allen said:

      This is cool but why expose him like this so that the government can look for him

    2. CJ Guidali said:

      No Nagging,
      No Criticism,
      No Drama
      Just quiet evenings.

    3. Paul Luttrull said:

      Just some practical questions: was he living on someone else’s land? If not, how did he pay property taxes? Did he work? He had transportation? You can’t live off the land unless you’re in a very very wildlife abundant area… How did he purchase ammo? Does he spend winters in Florida?