If Nuclear War Breaks Out Here Are The Safest Places To Be

  • North Korea always seems to be on the brink of starting the next great war. Their threats are never ceasing and now with the increased weapons testing and plans on hitting the US, they seem more focused now than ever on removing the world's leading superpower.

    While many shrug this off as nothing more than the rhetoric of a dying dynasty others are not so quick to underestimate the mental stability of the DPRK's leader. While others before him have been a handful, to say the least, he seems to have a fresh energy when it comes to hating the West. So while the government looks at ways to avoid or address a possible strike from the unpredictable nation, we must look at our daily lives and see what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones should an attack occur.

    Now, this is not to say that we live in fear or we run to the hills and hide while waiting for something that may never come. We simply have to look at the possibility of disaster and plan accordingly. If you are one that has prepared a bug out shelter or bomb shelter then you are in a better position than most. However, it does beg the questions, where in the world is the safest place to be should the worst occur?

    I am sure we all have our preferences and most of us would love to stay here, right where we are at. The place where we know the land, know the threats on the other side of the door however that may not be the best option. The idea of leaving the place you love can be unnerving should the skies light up, however, staying put may be the more dangerous of the two options.

    So let’s keep reading and see if staying put is the best option.

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    1. Kathy Brown said:

      In school, we would have drills where we had to sit under our desks with our heads ducked down. We also did a field trip to the “bomb shelter” in town (Scottsboro Alabama ). I am pretty sure that most of us KNEW we would be burned alive and the drills were stupid.

    2. James A Domino said:


    3. Rosa Seyah said:

      ….and as always- Thank You for voting DJT, Exterminator in Chief.

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