If Nuclear War Breaks Out Here Are The Safest Places To Be

  • North Korea always seems to be on the brink of starting the next great war. Their threats are never ceasing and now with the increased weapons testing and plans on hitting the US, they seem more focused now than ever on removing the world's leading superpower.

    While many shrug this off as nothing more than the rhetoric of a dying dynasty others are not so quick to underestimate the mental stability of the DPRK's leader. While others before him have been a handful, to say the least, he seems to have a fresh energy when it comes to hating the West. So while the government looks at ways to avoid or address a possible strike from the unpredictable nation, we must look at our daily lives and see what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones should an attack occur.

    Now, this is not to say that we live in fear or we run to the hills and hide while waiting for something that may never come. We simply have to look at the possibility of disaster and plan accordingly. If you are one that has prepared a bug out shelter or bomb shelter then you are in a better position than most. However, it does beg the questions, where in the world is the safest place to be should the worst occur?

    I am sure we all have our preferences and most of us would love to stay here, right where we are at. The place where we know the land, know the threats on the other side of the door however that may not be the best option. The idea of leaving the place you love can be unnerving should the skies light up, however, staying put may be the more dangerous of the two options.

    So let’s keep reading and see if staying put is the best option.

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    1. Ron Willingham said:

      five bombs fall and we might be okay

      a hundred fall and the radiation will make you wish you had died in the first volley

      remember- water can not be cleansed of its radioactive material so you can not drink the water afterwards, that means food grown will also be uneatable

    2. Ray Bonnette said:

      If nuclear bombs fall, put your head between your legs and kiss your$#%&!@*good bye !!!

    3. Michael Edward said:

      If nuclear war breaks out in standing in front of the mushroom cloud I don’t want to survive that

    4. Mike Pace said:

      There’s a maze of caves outside of Jefferson City, Missouri. I had a friend that drove a big truck and I went on a trip with him. Onemof the places we went was that cave. They actually use it as a warehouse that 18 wheelers drive into to pick up and deliver. It goes for miles and miles, wildest place I’ve ever seen. That probably would be one of the safest places to be. And anyone’s all the food, water and basically everything else that is kept in there you could probably live in there forma few years.

    5. Duane Sweaney said:

      Best place to be if a Nuke hits is at the point of impact, at least you won’t go through all the Radiation sickness before you die and there is no safe place in a Nuclear War.

    6. John V. Mullet said:

      There is no place to go, But if it does happen rest a sure that North$#%&!@*rea will be a parking lot.

    7. Michelle Misenheimer said:

      There are safe spaces for the Elite running the country, it’s called underground bunkers. We on the other hand, are screwed.

    8. Bob Dyer said:

      If a big nuclear blast goes off in your neighborhood? Go in your house, spread a blanket on the floor, lie down on your back over the blanket, extend your feet and legs straight up, reach up with your hands and grab your ankles and pull them down right over your face,put your head between your legs and KISS YOUR$#%&!@*GOOD BYE

    9. Luang Tom said:

      Huh? North Korea is a threat? I thought it was the Confederate statues…..

    10. Tamyjo Dancer said:

      And now that it’s on the internet. That’s where they’ll do a a sweep to make sure their aim was correct. Besides who would survive a nuclear war?!?

    11. Mike Pace said:

      Check it out, google Jefferson City caves and watch the video. That place could survive two or three direct nuclear hits.

    12. Tamyjo Dancer said:

      Thank you but I’m like 2 day drive from there. Alot crap could happen in 2 days.

    13. Tom Skinner said:

      Bet the drive would be much shorter in this event.
      Not a normal situation.

    14. Tom Skinner said:

      The presidential bunker is not in Washington DC. That’s the place to go after in any kind of war.
      Last I heard, the presidential bunker was located in the Midwest.

    15. BN Moody said:

      An EMP attack would be much easier and cheaper… and would have a greater effect… up to 80% of US would starve to death

    16. Mark Southern said:

      Democratic Party came up with s sound plan. Stock up on water and if your near the epicenter duck tape your Windows and door jams.. This shows the true measure of nuclear radiation knowledge amongst the liberal commie party. Dumb, diddley dumb radiation here it comes. I don’t see how liberals could ever follow their stupid party. Senator Schumer, Rep Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama traind with the three Stooges. Doi Doi.

    17. Brian Feyh said:

      Well.. if it’s all out nukes.. why hide. Nothing to come back to

    18. Brian Feyh said:

      Get out the 5 billion sun block, hot dogs and marshmallows and kiss your$#%&!@*goodbye..

    19. Brian Feyh said:

      And another thing, would you want to survive the aftermath if it’s a full world nuclear war?

    20. Gary Lewis said:

      Just give Kim the coordinates to the white house , ring the bell & hope chump answers the door.

    21. Anthony Talley said:

      Theres NO safe place to be when being nuked. Your best bet is to go outside n suck as much as possible up as you can, not prolonging the inevitable…

    22. William Rembowski said:

      The only way to survive a nuclear war is to prevent it happening in the first place. Anyone that thinks they can survive an all out nuclear war, anywhere in the world, is kidding themselves.