Handy Man Hacks That are Pure Genius

  • 8. Glue a Magnet to Your Hammer for Holding Nails

    Sigh, I cannot tell you how many nails I have held in my mouth. I know I know they're dirty and dangerous and all the other things my friends lectured me on but listen. I didn't feel like walking back and forth each time I needed a nail! Putting nails in your mouth is not the wisest move, even if it is necessary when you have no free hands. What you can do is attach a small magnet to the bottom of your hammer and let it do the nail-holding for you

    So this hack hit me like a ton of …well hammers. All you have to do is find a small magnet attach it to the bottom of your hammer and let it do the nail-holding for you! Easy as pie!

    9. Use Magnets as a Stud Finder


    Okay so I added this one in with the one above it because if you happen to buy a package of magnets then you can easily incorporate this hack in with the one above it. Once again, magnets are your friend.

    Simply slide a magnet along the wall to detect studs or any leftover nails in your wall.  I was able to find quite a few and I helped a friend find some in his walls that a previous owner left which came in handy when he was hanging up his pictures in his new home.

    Now let's move on to tape hacks! 

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