This DIY Toilet Paper Dispenser is a Necessity For The Next Camping Trip

  • Camping is all about enjoying nature in its most pure form. There's nothing quite like hiking with beautiful views, sitting around a campfire breathing in the fresh air and sleeping underneath the stars. Everything seems ideal until you have to go to the bathroom. It's a task that no one looks forward to when in the wilderness for an extended period of time. There's no avoiding it, either.

    Luckily, there's an easy way to bring and use toilet paper when in nature. You can make a toilet paper dispenser using a Ziplock bag that makes going to the bathroom much more convenient. It takes 2 materials, a couple of minutes and only a small space in your pack to make this DIY dispenser an essential for your next trip outdoors.

    Continue on to learn how to make this easy toilet paper dispenser using a Ziplock bag!

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