7 Creative Uses for Cinder Blocks

  • Cinderblocks are one of those items that I often see laying around in random places and sold in any of the major or independent home improvement stores.  I often wonder, what do people use them for? Sure, there is the obvious uses when it comes to building structures but like many things, there is more than one way to use it.

    Chances are if you look around you can find these laying anywhere and won't need to go to Lowes or Home Depot for materials but if you do make sure to pick up a bunch because there are endless uses for them if you have a little bit of time and a whole lot of creativity.

    So what we have done is compiled for you on the next page a list of some of the most creative ways you can use cinder blocks for survival purposes. 

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    1. Roger Bickers said:

      Who ever thinks its ok to use concrete blocks… its not..big mistake. They cant take heat

    2. Eric Rathbun said:

      why did the page respond privately.??? You are right. This is, and was a stupid and wasteful idea for cinder block.

    3. Jason Schumacher said:

      Somebody told me using these blocks in fire they might blow up. Not sure but thought I would share.

    4. Barbara Clowers said:

      I don’t want to see it bad enough to wait for my slow internet to load seven pages.