[Video] What Does That Do? Uses for The Things We Always Wondered About

  • Huh! Well, that's interesting!  Honestly, it’s used often by people who were left completely in the dark about things others might have thought of as obvious.

    I honestly cannot tell you how many times a week I utter that phrase. It seems there is always something to learn about the mosts common things. Now, I am sure that if I took the time to read any manual that came with these products I would already know what these mystery buttons and levers do but who actually sits and reads through an owners manual.

    What's even crazier is that the products I am referring to are on items that we use on a daily basis!

    So if you're like me and find yourself wondering what these items actually do then keep reading and I bet you will say “Huh, well that's interesting.” at least once by the end of the video! 

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