This Cool & New Satellite Can More Accurately Warn Us About Extreme Weather

  • There’s a few things all of us check at least once a day: our email, the news and the weather. Most of the time, the news and weather coincide. Depending on where you live, weather may be more of a concern than it is for others. You might have even experienced a SHTF event that was caused by extreme weather, such as an hurricane or tornado.

    Luckily, there is a new satellite whose purpose is to provide us with more information about developing weather patterns. Everything from rainstorms to tsunamis to tornados can be detected earlier and in more detail than before. As a result of the technology on board this satellite, we can be more prepared for an extreme weather event, which can ultimately save our lives.

    Continue on to see how this new satellite will make weather prediction more reliable and how it can keep us safer!

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