Getting Rid of Nuisance Deer

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  • Wildlife is certainly beautiful and it's always cool to see animals, such as deer, nearby. However, you don't want their presence to constantly involve munching on your plants.


    • Spray a 20/80 mixture of egg and water around the yard.
    • Hang a bar of soap from a tree limb.
    • Spread a mixture of hot sauce, liquid dish soap, garlic powder and water.

    Spray mixtures to heights of at least six feet and reapply every 30 days.

    Scare Tactics: Motion-activated lights, loud noises or whistles, or scarecrows.

    Netting: Wrapping creates a barrier. Add tubing around tree trunks for protection, but be sure it's loose enough to allow tree growth.

    Fencing: There are also plants that attract deer less — such as birch trees, boxwood trees, daffodils and lavender.

    Have you tried any of these methods to deter deer? What other humane tricks should we try to keep deer away from our property?

    Source: StateFarm


    1. Johnnie Torres II said:

      Nuisance deer? They’re not the invasive species, we are. Thinking we can do whatever the hell we want to animals is the basis of all animal abuse, from the seemingly benign to the morbid.

    2. Kaci Pharris said:

      OMG we are NOT an “invasive species”. We are on this Earth just like they are. We have to grow food as well. We can’t ALL live in big nasty cities!

    3. Brandon Brennan said:

      If a deer(AKA Venison!) Is close enuff to be a pest? I can guarantee a hanging weight of……