Elon Musk Believes There’s Something More Dangerous Than North Korea

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  • What would the technology industry be without companies like SpaceX and Tesla? Elon Musk's innovative thinking and investment in technology has allowed the human race to make strides in technological advancement. He clearly thinks and leads in a way that the majority of us do not.

    So, while most of the country (and the world) is worried about a nuclear attack by North Korea, Elon Musk, again, has his eye on something else. This “something else” is more dangerous than the country of Kim Jong Un. So, you can cross North Korea off your guessing list. It's also not climate change, the Russians or terrorist groups.

    Keep reading to find out what Elon Musk thinks is more threatening than North Korea!

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    1. Antonio Garcia said:

      Maybe the moment AI takes over our country North Korea drops an EMP on us and saves the day???

    2. Michael Evans said:

      Yea there is, believing him when he says he will build his cars in your town.

    3. Jack Barber said:

      You cannot overlook the possibility that liberal thinking is an oxymoron.

    4. Timothy McCormick said:

      Iran, islamists, lib-tard Democrats, antifa, blm, Russia (especially if things continue to go downhill). There’s a whole slieu of topics to bring up that can equal the threat of the NorKs. But, the NorKs are still one of the top threats at the moment.

    5. Tony Sault said:

      Elon Musk didn’t invest his own money. He got government grants and invests tax payer money. He kept most of his own money for himself. He may use his own money now but that’s cause he made tons off the tax payer earlier.

    6. Thomas Daniel Gunter said:

      Yeah Muskie. We call it liberalism, people like yourself that take the advantages of the greatest country on earth, then curse our way of life, our values, and enable the enemies of what we hold dear to spit upon, trample and demonize our culture, the most benevolent and generous country in history. I wouldnt buy your Tesla if it was the cheapest car on the market. You use subsidies to build your innovations then price them out of the reach of the Average American, then you bail out of the presidents cabinet appointment because of the ripoff paris accord, an Anti American underhanded deal with UN toadies that try to manipulate an already bad deal to their own self service

    7. Bruce Andrews said:

      Musk is a professional con man stealing pir money thru phony green energy govt grants of pir tax dollars

    8. David Howard said:

      There are tons of things more dangerous than North Korea. Stubbing your toe on the nightstand when getting up in the morning for instance…

    9. Jeff Feustel said:

      Nice fake space landing You fraud . The footage looks like$#%&!@*.

    10. Frank Huber said:

      Remember these words musk HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE THE REBELS SCORN!!!

    11. Clarence Suggs said:

      This is funny so do I there is something big coming to this country and its not good I believe this country will slit itself into with violence and division

    12. Edward Vasquez said:

      Elon Musk is a fucking retard. His mother should have aborted his$#%&!@*at birth or at least the$#%&!@*could have swallowed

    13. Mindy Thompson said:

      U get govt handouts and all u can build is a 70,000$ vehicle that most folks can’t afford

    14. James Ault said:

      He worries about losing all of that sweet, free govt money…