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6 Tips to Help Protect Those Chickens

When you own chickens and are raising them for eggs and meat, you understand the risk of what happens if one of them is injured. Sadly this can mean the difference between eating or not eating in some severe cases. The idea of raising/protecting your flock is not just for homesteaders either. Survivalists need to understand

The Benefits of Coffee in a Survival Setting

Coffee has become more than just something people drink, it has become a culture within it’s own industry. Every year coffee companies profit billions of dollars in revenue that all stems from a simple bean that is harvested, roasted and sold across the world. People will argue over which company or brand does it best and

How To Find The Way Back To Civilization When Lost

Getting lost is a fear that many people have. The wilderness can be a dangerous place and we hear all the time of hikers losing their way and encountering predatory animals, harsh weather conditions, and other dangers. Many of them, if they are found, are usually malnourished, dehydrated and suffering from exhaustion. They are often

Herbal Medicine 101: The Many Uses of the Carrot Family

These Plants Aren’t Just for Dinner! If you’re involved in the prepper or survival lifestyle, then you’ll want to learn all you can about the carrot family, also known as the Hemlock Family or the Umbel Family. This family of plants might just be the most important botanical family for survival enthusiasts to know about,