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Some Bottled Water May Not Be As Safe As We Thought

We’re taught from a young age about the importance of water and hydration. That’s especially the case if you’re a survivalist and understand how the accessibility to a clean water supply can mean the difference between life and death when in the wilderness. Water is something our bodies cannot go more than a couple of days

3 Survival Skills To Teach Children ASAP

Camping and being outdoors is an ideal way to spend time with our children. Not only does it give us time to bond with one another, but it also allows them to appreciate nature. Even if you don’t camp often, there are certain survival skills your child should feel comfortable doing. You never know when

Surviving a Wildfire: 3 Zones of Defensible Space

When we prep for a SHTF event, we usually have a natural disaster in mind. Depending on our location, that might be a hurricane, earthquake or tornado. However, there’s one disaster that isn’t always at the forefront of our prepping minds: wildfires. Wildfires can occur at virtually any location. It’s important that we prep for

The Sun is Warning Us To Prep For a Grid-Down Situation

The solar system and its surrounding universe has an infinite amount of activity, only a tiny percentage of which we’re actually able to understand and track. NASA and other agencies are constantly making efforts to gather research on the neighboring planets, moons and stars. The sun, for example, has been a focus of intense research