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Survival Emergency: How To Clean a Wound The Right Way

I cannot tell you how many times when out camping there has been at least one person who has tripped, fallen down, scraped their knee, arm or forehead while hiking through the woods. I can attest to this fact because chances are I was that person! Thankfully we always have someone with us that is prepared

5 Sources of Light During a SHTF Event

What would our daily life look like without the help of electricity and lighting? We would all get frustrated and wouldn’t be able to do much easily, including the basics like cooking, reading, and showering. We forget how much we rely on electricity to power the lights in our homes until we don’t have it

[Video] 7 Ways Cattails Can Help In Survival

As a survivalist, there are several skills you must master in order to feel comfortable in the outdoors and in any conditions. Some of the basics are spotting edible plants and berries, building a fire and cooking food. When you’re in a bind, the wilderness can provide you with the materials and resources you need in