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How To Have The Disaster-Preparedness Conversation With Loved Ones

How To Have The Disaster-Preparedness Conversation With Loved Ones

If you’re a prepper, then you have stockpiling and disaster-preparedness down to a science. You know what to have on hand and how to properly store it. An expertise in prepping also means that your family is most likely used to the thought of dealing with an unexpected crisis. They’ve come to terms with the

How Lock Picking Can Be Essential To Survival When SHTF

When it comes to survival, there are a number of skills you should be comfortable with. Everything from being able to start a fire to filter clean drinking water to self-defense is important. However, there’s another crucial survival skill that’s often forgotten about: lock picking. Lock picking doesn’t exactly seem like a positive skill to

When Crossing Paths With a Bear Here’s What To Do

As a survivalist, it becomes habit to prepare for the unexpected. You pack your bag with essentials and know how to do everything from start a fire to build a shelter. Those are the things we can control. However, the outdoors is full of variables. While some variables are less menacing like unexpected weather patterns,

Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned About A Solar Storm

The climate change discussion has become increasingly relevant over the last few years, particularly on a political level. It’s brought attention to the negative impact human beings have on the planet and on the surrounding atmosphere. We must also begin to realize the impact the atmosphere and solar system has on us. The sun, for

How To Make a 5 Gallon Water Filter Tank

There are many things that we need to think of when SHTF. The first and foremost is to find a water supply. Since the human body can only survive three days without water this part is imperative. Now since most of the world does not have a natural spring in the backyard chances are the

Survival Skill: 7 Ways To Signal For Help

As a wilderness and survival expert, there are a number of tasks that you have mastered. Everything from building a fire to fashioning an improvised fishing poll to building a shelter is in your skill set. However, what do you do when your sense of direction betrays you and you find yourself lost with the