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15 Lost Survival Tips From The Cowboys That Just Might Help When SHTF!

15 Lost Survival Tips From The Cowboys That Just Might Help When SHTF!

No matter what happened- cowboys knew how to survive. We never know when a collapse or emergency situation might happen. One day everything could be fine and the next day a natural disaster could occur and wipe out our power and other things we depend on for days, weeks, or even months. This is why we have


Knife Sharpening: How to do it the right way!

A knife is no good if it isn’t sharp. In fact, it can be more dangerous than working with a sharpened knife. When a knife is sharp it works the way that it was intended and when it is dull you open yourself up for injury to yourself or others. There are many theories as to how


How to make your own pepper spray

Protecting yourself should always be of the utmost importance which is why we are including this DIY project on our list. Not everyone is okay with lethal means of protecting themselves and that’s okay. The biggest concern is that you have some way to protect yourself and give yourself a chance to get away. So we


Disconnecting for good. How to wipe away the digital footprint

In today’s turbulent times, many people are seeking out ways that they can disconnect themselves from an ever-increasing system of interconnectivity. The idea that we are connected to a machine whether it’s our cell phones, our computers, our watches or our fit bits is slightly disconcerting. Many have decided that they have had enough. They


How To Wear Survival Gear That Is Hidden From Others

These Strategies May Save Your Life! Many preppers and survival enthusiasts are pretty upfront about their dedication to preparing for the unthinkable. However, there may be times when you want some of your survival gear with you, but you need to wear or carry it discreetly for various reasons. For example, maybe it wouldn’t be


The Rifle Musket Gets a Bad Rap…But Should It?

Some People Are Rethinking the Longheld Views on This Weapon! The Civil War created wartime casualties like nothing ever seen before, with estimates ranging from around 600,000 to 800,000. This has long been thought to be due to the adoption of the rifle musket, which was supposedly more accurate than the previously used weapon, the