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20 Maps That May Prove to Be Useful

As DIY’ers and preppers, we know the importance of mapping your surroundings. I am a visual learner so when I stumbled across these I was floored by some of the information found. It’s always great to look and see what is going on around the world. Now I will be the first to admit that

50 Survival Hacks Everyone Needs

As a society, we have come to rely on objects to help us survive. These objects are powered by electrictial grids that are unreliable and our dependence on them is only going to make things worse. Don’t believe me? Watch someone when their electronic device stops working, you will see a slow but steady panic rise

FEMA Disaster Symbols: What Do They Mean?

Disasters can happen quickly that is why not only do you need to know how to survive but you need to know what signs to look for and what they mean. Usually, after a disaster, FEMA is sent out to search, assess, and recover any and all that are still in danger. As they go

5 Amazing Booby Traps to Protect Your Homestead

We all want to feel safe! There is nothing better than laying your head down at night knowing you have nothing to worry about. So how do we get to that point? Well, it’s simple and can be summed up in one word: PREPARE! While we all know that the chances of society collapsing in

Why Every Prepper Should Get a Pit Bull Right Now

As a kid I remember always being told to stay away from pit dangerous dogs. Which I often found funny because my cousin who lived across the street and my cousin who lived right down the dirt road from me both had pit bulls. Now in my family we didn’t consider pit bulls to be

How To Safely Make Black Powder

Black powder is one of those things that is necessary when you’re planning your bug out bag or shelter. Commonly used as a propellant in fireworks or weapons black powder is a fine powder that has many uses. Now before we begin we have to throw out this disclaimer: Black Powder, like many things in

Best Survival Rifle for $100

Survival weapons are a must when planning a bug out bag or shelter. In particular, firearms which tend to be the priciest part of any survival kit. Sure, they’re expensive, and nowadays you have to jump through hoops just to get them, but by not having them you’re putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage. This applies even