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Know How to Start a Fire After it Rains

There are times when I wish we could control mother nature but alas that power does not reside within my grasp. This, of course, makes camping or any sort of outdoor activity a bit stressful when nature does not cooperate and the skies open up and release rain all over all beautiful outdoor weekend. There

The Weird Ways Our Ancestors Kept From Freezing To Death

There are times when we are reading the history books that I often wonder “how did they do it?” I have become so accustomed to the luxuries of life in the modern age that I wonder how our ancestors survived without the simple things I take for granted everyday! Things such as indoor heating! I know

The Best States To Run To When SHTF

No one wants to think about what the reality of living in a post- collapse world will actually look like however it is necessary to have a plan in place for when and if SHTF. Once you have your bags together and loved ones prepared you will want to head out to a safe location.