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This is the Best Way to Make a “Get Out of Dodge” Plan

This Simple Strategy Can Make All the Difference! With the world getting more unpredictable every day, it’s more important than ever to have meticulously planned and carefully executed escape plan. You never know when a SHTF situation might unfold, forcing you to flee to safer or potentially less populated areas to either wait for the

10 Survival Uses For Belts

A belt in day-to-day life has one use: To hold your pants up. On the other hand, a belt in the wilderness can turn into an essential survival tool that could save your life and the lives of those around you. Any seasoned survivalist will be able to take simple, everyday objects like a belt and

The Outdoorsmens Guide To Paracord Splicing

There are several abilities any survivalist has in their skill set regardless of whether they spend the majority of their time in the woods, on the water or in the snow. Those skills might include how to start a fire, how to produce clean drinking water and how to prepare food. What about paracord splicing?

7 Things To NEVER Eat in The Wild

There are things that you do when in survival mode that you would not normally do and this includes eating things that you would never before consider eating. Too often people assume that things are safe to eat simply because they “look” like they would be consumable however it is often those very things that