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How Geometry Class Taught Us To Estimate Distance in the Wilderness

How Geometry Class Taught Us To Estimate Distance in the Wilderness

When we were in school, most of us constantly wondered how we were going to use certain concepts and principles in the real world. That may have been the case for topics like geometry, algebra and calculus, particularly if math wasn’t your favorite subject. If you’re a survivalist, you may not call upon your math skills

7 Things to Scavange From Cars After SHTF

We have seen news stories of natural disasters that wreak havoc on cities all over the world. Couple this with the threat of increasing temperatures and the current political climate we must make sure we are prepared for anything. While we may not always have exactly what we need exactly when we need it we should

3 Survival Skills To Teach Children ASAP

Camping and being outdoors is an ideal way to spend time with our children. Not only does it give us time to bond with one another, but it also allows them to appreciate nature. Even if you don’t camp often, there are certain survival skills your child should feel comfortable doing. You never know when

Surviving a Wildfire: 3 Zones of Defensible Space

When we prep for a SHTF event, we usually have a natural disaster in mind. Depending on our location, that might be a hurricane, earthquake or tornado. However, there’s one disaster that isn’t always at the forefront of our prepping minds: wildfires. Wildfires can occur at virtually any location. It’s important that we prep for