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This Is What to Do on a Sinking Boat

Preparation Is Key to Surviving This Potentially Deadly Situation It can happen to even the most skilled and experienced boater. You may do everything right, but because of a bad storm, a technical malfunction or some other outside event, you may find yourself trapped on a sinking boat. While you might feel doomed, that’s not

These 4 Wild Plants Are Ideal for Treating a Toothache

These Plants Can Offer Relief Until You Can Get to a Dentist! There’s nothing quite like the intense pain of a toothache, which can leave you in agony and unable to do even the simplest task. Plus, a tooth infection is potentially deadly, so getting prompt medical treatment is imperative. However, toothaches have a way

These 3 Vegetables Are Incredibly Easy to Store

Stock Up On These and Have Plenty to Eat All Winter! Whether you’re a dedicated prepper wanting to stockpile enough food to get you through a SHTF situation, or you’re a homesteader wanting to ensure you have enough food to last you through even the harshest winter, it’s crucial that you know what foods are

6 Reasons To Learn Bow Hunting

In a day and age where technology is king and is expanding faster than ever, we are seeing an influx of new weapons and protection devices than ever before. These top of the line additions to your bug out bag are great as it’s aways better to be over prepared than under prepared. While they

Knowing The Knife Laws Where You Live

One may think that carrying a pocket knife is something that is pretty harmless and well within everyone’s rights as citizens but did you know that not every state allows this. Each state has its set of rules and regulations regarding what is okay and what is not okay when it comes to carrying a knife.