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Avoid Following These 5 Survival Myths

We all fall for old wives’ tales at some point or another in our lives. Some of those myths may be centered around beauty regimens or cooking. In this case, there are certain myths about survival that aren’t providing us with the best information. These myths have been perpetuated for too long and you don’t

3 Components For A Safe (and Secret) SHTF Bunker

If your area was faced with nuclear fallout today, how would you react to ensure you and your loved ones’ survival? Most of us would probably think to jump into our cars and drive as far away as possible. However, chaos would disrupt roads and any evacuation route we had thought would provide an escape.

Here Are The Survival Crops To Add to That Garden

Get ready for the gardening, homesteading and prepping worlds to combine. If you’re a fan of any of these, then you’ll be able to draw from past experience to create a garden that is sustainable, nutritious and ultimately life-saving. If you’re a prepper, then you already have a list of supplies that will (hopefully) get

Create A Customized Bug-Out Bag For Survival

Whether we know it or not, we’re constantly preparing for certain events. We create a garden to prepare for blossoming plants, develop presentations for big meetings and buy insurance to prepare for a potential crisis. So, why wouldn’t we prepare for a SHTF event? You might procrastinate prepping for such a situation since the likelihood