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Here are the Top 3 Biofuels For Survival

As time goes on we are finding more and more ways to harness the world around us. Sure the old ways were great and they were able to get us to this point and for many they are still heavily relied upon. Yet as we learn more we are finding that harnessing nature to help

What is a Wicking Bed and Why Do We Need One

When it comes to sustainable living there are many things that we are told we need. In fact, it can get downright overwhelming for those who are just starting out trying to build a self-sustaining lifestyle. One of the biggest things that you will need to learn is how to create a source of food

7 Ingenious Ways To Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of those all natural remedies that has been around for ages!  It has the versatility for purifying, cleansing, and healing as it absorbs poisonous toxins, eliminating these impurities from water, air, and even from inside our bodies. We can use it in everything from survival situations for purifying water and as a salve

How To Make Aloe Vera Shampoo

There is one thing that many people often neglect when attempting to live off the grid, in survival mode or trying to maintain a 100% organic lifestyle and that is hygiene and for those of us with a lot of hair, skipping more than a few days of washing can quickly become a very unpleasant

4 Places to Go To Drop Off The Grid

We all need to treat ourselves to some peace and quiet every once in awhile. It’s shockingly easy to get caught up in our busy lives full of careers, family, and friends. No one would blame you for wanting to switch up your lifestyle by trying an off-the-grid living situation. Technology is making it increasingly

5 Amazing Uses For Bamboo

There are many things that grow around us that can be used in various ways. We often overlook these things because we simply lack the know how to utilize them. I was in such a position a few weeks ago. I recently purchased a home where the owner had on the land some Bamboo. It flanked

3 DIY Ways To Keep Cool As Temps Rise

Spring is that bright light at the end of the winter tunnel. The season means we’re done with the cold temperatures, moving toward the bright and sunny days of summer and soaking up plenty of vitamin D. Tropical vacations might be on our minds, too. However, for a homeowner, spring can mean a fluctuating indoor temperature.