See The Cool Way These Drones Are Being Used to Help the Environment

  • As much as we love hiking, camping and taking in the breathtaking views that only nature can provide, humans have contributed to the destruction of Mother Earth. That includes deforestation due to the harvesting of wood and clearing of land for livestock.

    Fortunately, there is a British startup company determined to undo the damage to forests. The company was able to marry technology with green initiatives in order to repopulate forests and plant trees. While many people have mixed views about drones, particularly when it comes to surveillance, these drones have a greater and more environmentally-friendly purpose.

    Continue on to watch how these drones have been engineered to control deforestation and improve the environment!

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    One Comment;

    1. Graham Wright said:

      Drones are like a loaded gun – they can do good or bad depending on who and how they are used . Would I trust one over my property then the answer is no because I don’t know who or why it’s being used . Trust is earned until then will be greeted with a ball bearing fired from a slingshot .