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Survival Gardening: Why You Should Start Growing Peppers

Survival Gardening: Why You Should Start Growing Peppers

Due to the technological advancements and convenience of grocery stores we are afforded today, gardens have taken a back seat as a food source. However, a garden is not only a beautiful and lush little ecosystem in your backyard, but it can also provide you with produce that is both healthier and more nutritious than

These Flowers Look Beautiful & Are Edible, Too!

Flowers are a crucial element to any household or event during the spring and summer months. They add a lively pop of color that can’t be duplicated. Plus, they smell lovely and natural. It’s literally moving the outside inside! It’s amazing what a vase of roses can do to your bedside table. It’s the perfect

Here Are 5 Lawn Alternatives Just As Beautiful As Grass

Spring provides the perfect weather oasis for our plants to reach their full potential. During the transition from winter to spring, our yard goes from looking dull and lifeless to healthy and lush all thanks to some warm weather and rays of sunshine. Our personalities and attitudes seem to make a positive change, too. However,

How To Successfully Repot A Plant in 7 Quick Steps

The process it takes to repot a plant might seem relatively simple, but if it’s not done correctly, a beloved plant could easily die. As a result, it’s important to have the right tools and technique. If you have a garden, then you probably have a certain tried and true routine you follow each season

7 Plants That Are Downright Fool Proof

With spring here, you can’t deny that the urge to have plants and flowers around you is strong. Those plants not only provide us with essential oxygen, but they also give our yards and our homes unique pops of color. If you have a history of successfully planting your flowers, then springtime is the perfect

Grow This Essential Vegetable in Only 40 Days

The warmer seasons bring us more than just Vitamin D and summer vacation, they also bring us produce that taste delicious and provide nutrients. If you grow your own garden, you’re probably well on your way to having a variety of fruits and vegetables that you’ll be able to harvest and use in your home this