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Deer Body Slams into Unsuspecting Man

There really isn’t a lot of set up that this video needs. In fact, the title says it all. Cary McCook a 25-year-old aspiring rapper steps out of a pickup truck and within seconds is knocked to the ground by an oncoming deer. Cary was unharmed by the incident and hops right back up and

Outdoorsmen May Soon Be Making Room For Robots

Personally, I have watched I Robot one too many times to be 100 percent comfortable with this idea but it is true. American based robotics company Boston Dynamics has created a robot that they call ATLAS. While impressive in what it takes to build and program such a gentle giant there are still questions that many people

Siberian Fishing Trip: Who Knew This Would Happen

  No matter how much we plan, prepare and store up food there will come a point when everything that we have saved runs out. This is why you need to know how to hunt/fish/gather things for yourself. So when I was researching fishing videos for more tips and tricks I happened to stumble across

A DIY Wooden Machine Gun That Shoots Marbles

As a kid I used to love playing with slingshots. I lived off of a dirt road that had a bunch of rocks that were small and smooth so they were perfect! We would spend hours shooting them across the lake watching them bounce off the water. I bet when you were a kid you