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Make Your Own Cement With Two Ingredients

Cement, it’s all around us. Such an integral part of our everyday lives, from roadways to sidewalks and all things in between, cement is everywhere. Yet, how is it made? I’ve never claimed to know everything, although I do have a keen interest in learning, perhaps that is exactly why a friend recently asked me

Recycled Pallet Decor!

I’m sure you have all seen them. Stacked up behind the grocery store, laying by the dumpster or perhaps discarded on the side of the road. Pallets, are  a long time staple of the shipping industry as a matter of fact, until recently that is really the only purpose I saw in them besides great firewood. What

Hardwood Floors From Pallets

When you first walk into a room one of the first details you notice is flooring. The right or wrong flooring choices can really make a huge difference in your home. It used to be that the most common flooring for most homes was carpet and linoleum (tile if you were lucky) in the kitchen

Easy Disposable Space Heater

I’ve spent many years of my life living in a desert climate and while most of us associate the desert with the hot sun and scorching temperatures, it also has it’s fair share of cold, frigid nights and even some days. Often times the winter season would bless us with many feet of snow fall

Make Your Own Mold Removing Spray

Most of the cleaning agents for mold removal are very toxic and harmful if used incorrectly. The last thing I want to do when cleaning my home is to be using toxins and chemicals that can be harmful to me or my family; my home is where I am supposed to feel safest! With this

Make Your Own Tiki Torch With Recycled Bottles

Spring is here and Summer time is right around the corner! This is music to my ears because there is nothing I love more then to relax in my backyard in the evening with friends and family. We are in the process of upgrading our yard into the ultimate paradise, but this can get pretty

Bald Balm: The Solution That Helps

Is your life hectic or do you have kids? Either way Fabio your luscious locks are going to fall out and reveal how old you reallly are…. Being bald can be by bad choice or genetics. With that being said, everyone deserves to look their best and have a healthy scalp. Just because there is

Banish Those Blackheads

There is nothing worse then waking up the day of big event and noticing your complexion has failed you! Many people think that you only get blackheads when you are a hormonal teenager. The rest of us know the truth! Everyone gets blackheads, the task at hand is lets get rid of these pesky blemishes