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How To Bend Your PVC Pipes With Heated Sand

As we all know, PVC pipes have a lot more uses than just plumbing. I’ve used PVC pipes as a baseboard storage tube for computer network wiring, as the frame for a bin storage rack, as a tube to help secure a flag pole, I even used a larger piece of PVC to make a

Repair Dents In Plywood With Heat and Water

One of the absolutes of having wood furniture or a wood floor is that inevitably, from normal living, they will become dented or gauged. It might happen when you are moving furniture or because of the rough and tumble of children playing or be caused by your dog’s nails or you just drop something heavy

Leave Them Breathless With This Potent Colored Smoke Bomb Recipe

Colored smoke is created by aerosols of pigment or dyes. It is most commonly used to send signals – via flares and smoke grenades, but also other practical applications. For example, pyrotechnic shows utilize colored smoke to add to the effect of the show and airplanes frequently use colored smoke at air shows. In fact, colored smoke,

Make Your Own Black Powder

Black Powder will definitely come in handy if you live off the grid. This black, fine powder is used for many things but it is commonly used as a propellant in fireworks and weapons. Black Powder is dangerous but if you use it correctly for its intended purpose then you will be fine. A lot

Seven Creative Ways To Display Your Family Tree

Everyone has their walls adorned with various images and photos of their family, sometimes going back multiple generations. Pictures of loved ones bring warmth into our homes, often serving as a constant reminder of where we came from and who has inspired us. Unfortunately because of technology we are not able to really see that