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A Handsaw For Every Occasion

A Handsaw For Every Occasion

A person can be the best craftsman in the world but if they have no tools or tools that are inadequate then their talent, albeit vast, is rendered almost useless. This goes especially for all of our DIY’ers, Homesteaders, and Preppers. These particular lifestyles rely heavily on tools or some form of makeshift weaponry and if

How To Make A Homemade Anvil With These Easy Steps!

If you need an anvil for your project, then you can make a great one yourself using these four simple steps! Chances are if you’re an avid DIY’er you love to do all kinds of projects that use all variations of materials. There is such a feeling of accomplishment and pride when we can use

Knot Tying Made Simple: How to Tie a Horizontal Lashing

This Is an Essential Skill Everyone Should Learn! If there’s one thing that every prepper, DIYer or homesteader should know, it’s how to quickly and easily tie a strong, sturdy knot. Preferably several kinds of knot, because each one has its own purpose or purposes. If you want to be ready for anything and as

Builder Creates Inexpensive Sleeping Pods For Those in Need

When a builder gets an idea and has the skill to execute it there is nothing that will stop them. This is exactly what happened when one builder wondered what he could do to help those who are homeless and left to deal with the blistering cold winters. No one likes sleeping on the ground in

This Outdoor Bar is Made of Pallets and Is So Easy to Build!

It’s the Perfect Complement to Any Backyard! If you’re looking for an introduction to DIY, then this outdoor pallet bar is just the thing! We think patio furniture in general is a great way to embark on a DIY hobby, but we especially like this pallet bar. It’s fun and functional, as well as being

How To Build a Sleeping Platform for Your Pickup Truck

You’ll Never Go Back to Sleeping in a Tent Again! If you enjoy camping, you might relish spending the night in the great outdoors, with open space around you and star-filled skies above you. However, sometimes inclement weather means a tent just won’t do it, or maybe you want something a little safer and more