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Build a DIY WiFi Biquad Antenna From a Satellite Dish

Build a DIY WiFi Biquad Antenna From a Satellite Dish

If you were asked to live without one modern-day technological advancement, which one would you choose? Some might be able to live without air conditioning or cell phones. Many of us might even be able to live without television. One thing that we would prefer to keep around, though, is WiFi. It’s a one-stop shop

9 Valuable Ways To Reuse Motor Oil

A true survivalist knows that there are multiple uses for everything. there is very rarely a situation were one and done is common. Even if the other uses seem out of the box or odd by today’s standards should SHTF it is a trait that is appreciated. When looking at things to keep around and things

How To Quiet Down That Generator! This is a Gamechanger!

Prepping for survival does not have to be some apocalyptic catastrophe. It could be something as simple as a strong summer storm that knocks power out for days. While that is annoying and a very big inconvenience it’s not the end of the world and we can recover from it. If you have to ride it

Keep Water On Hand With This Easy DIY Bottle Belt Clip

We’re constantly looking for new and improved ways to make our lives healthier and more efficient, but without costing too much. There are plenty of expensive gadgets and tools that can allow you to navigate through the wilderness with ease. At the same time, though, you’ll face having to pay a large bill. There are

Create This Cool DIY Pickle Barrel Boat

If you love the outdoors, then you’ll find any excuse to spend your time in nature. Everything from camping and hiking to kayaking and fishing are your favorite activities, particularly during the summertime. You can combine your love for the wilderness with your creative side by making this DIY pickle barrel boat. Not only is it

Check Out This 8 Pound Canoe Build

One of the attractive things about DIY projects is that it allows us to combine different passions of ours. People may think that DIYs are reserved for more creative and crafty projects with the end product belonging indoors. However, there are an infinite number of DIYs that allow us to create something that can be used

A Sturdy, Portable DIY Clothesline That’s Perfect For Camping

We love the comforts that modern technology offers us: air conditioning, electricity, cell phones and even laundry machines. While doing laundry is not everyone’s favorite household chore, we take for granted the fact that we can stick our clothes into a machine, press a couple of buttons and have clean clothes within the hour. As

Drill Into Concrete in 4 Simple Steps

DIY projects can require a number of skills depending on what you’re trying to create. Even if you’re an expert craftsperson, there may be something required for a DIY project that you don’t exactly know how to do. For example, the ability to drill into concrete is something many people shy away from because it