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5 Amazing Projects for 5-Gallon Buckets

When living a self-sufficient life you quickly learn what to eliminate, but also what essential items you can add to make your life much easier. Sometimes, it is as obvious as a few good rolls of duct tape. In this case, it’s 5-gallon buckets. Think about it. 5-gallon buckets can get things done. They are

This DIY Double Barrel Smoker Requires No Welding!

This is Great Even for Amateur DIYers! For anyone who’s into smoking or barbecuing meet, their technique is something they spend years perfecting and is also a source of pride. Heck, there are even national and international smoking competitons! Clearly, smoking meat is serious business and something that people invest a lot of time and

6 DIY Projects for Those Leftover Beer Bottles

Beer is an American staple, particularly during the spring and summer months when backyard BBQs and beach parties happen all the time. You might cherish a certain type or brand of beer or you might be an adventurous beer drinker and want to try different kinds. Regardless, you probably have a couple of beer bottles

How To Make an Automatic Chicken Feeder

Owning a homestead or farm can be a lot of work. There are plenty of things that require your attention and routine, including your animals. You have to ensure that they are in a safe environment with plenty of food. Chickens are a common farm animal that requires your care. Whether you’re new to owning

This Mini Drone Is Inexpensive and Easy to Make

This is a Great DIY Project for Beginners! Drones are certainly all the rage these days, with people buying them already made, making kits to construct them or building themselves with basic materials. You can buy expensive, high-end models with all the bells and whistles, but depending on what your purpose is for using one,

7 Out of the Box Uses For Cinderblock

If there is one thing I love it’s finding amazing uses for common things. Cinderblocks are one of those items that I often see laying around in random places and sold in any of the major or independent home improvement stores.  I often wonder, what do people use them for? Sure, there is the obvious

How To Forge a Viking Axe

One of the cool things about blacksmithing it its history. The job has been around for centuries and despite the way the world and the human race has evolved, blacksmithing has remained relevant. Today, we need blacksmiths for everything from tools to artwork. By becoming a blacksmith either as a hobby or as a career,

How To Make A Bottle Cap Tray Table

Our homes are full of things that reflect our personalities from furniture style to photos to decor. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s easy to end up with the same couch or rug or otherwise as friends since most home stores mass produce their products. What if you wanted to create something you knew your neighbor wouldn’t have?