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How To Create a Flagstone Walkway

The best thing about having a home is being able to construct little projects around the house. When looking at updating the aesthetics of your home you don’t have to drop tons of money nor does it always take weeks to complete a project. Sometimes the best projects are ones that are inexpensive and quick. This


How To Build A Cast Iron Kettle Fire “Pit”

I love fire pits! Seriously, it does not matter if it is summer, winter, spring, or fall this is one item that gets used year round! There are so many different kinds of fire pits that you can build/buy, but to me, it’s best if the one you have is one you have made with


We Made This Simple DIY Hydrogen Generator for Just a Few Bucks!

This Is Energy You Can Use With a Clean Conscience! If you’re interested in renewable energy (we know we are!), then you are going to love this simple, easy-to-make DIY hydrogen generator. It makes hydrogen from water, in a practice that’s all the rage right now in the world of renewable energy. It uses what’s


Unique Ways To Reuse Coke Cans

I am loving the DIY lifestyle. It causes you to look at things in a whole new light. For example prior to getting into DIY/LifeHacks or any sort of survival mentality I would look at a coke can and see, well a coke can. Nothing more, nothing less. There were no awesome life hacks, no

wood carving knife isolated with clipping path at this size

This DIY Wood Carving Knife Gives Professional Results!

This Tool Is Essential For Anyone Who Enjoys Woodworking! Every DIY enthusiast needs a good wood carving knife. This little tool is ideal for a wide range of DIY products, and gives you the control you need for detailed cuts and carving techniques. The idea behind a wood carving knife is that because the handle


5 Auto Repair Tips Straight From Professional Mechanics

Now You Can Learn From Their Years of Knowledge and Experience! Anyone who has a vehicle knows that it’s important to be able to perform basic and routine maintenance on your car. This simple little skill can save you big bucks that you might otherwise spend at the auto repair shop, plus it can help


5 Things Every DIY’er Should Learn This Year

I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my skill set and not just around New Years. If you’re someone who likes to do things themselves chances are you love learning new things too. Not only does learning new things give you confidence and know how it also helps save you money in the