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8 Clever and Unique DIY Recycle Projects for Spring

Do you ever wonder what happens with all of the products and materials that you recycle? Once they’re in your recycling bin, they go off to some far away land in the hopes that a company or manufacturer will turn them into something new. Who knows if they even get recycled at all? Instead of

The Pocket Sized Power Source Every Prepper Needs

If we were asked to name one thing we couldn’t live without, what would it be? Most of us would probably say wifi, cell phones or something else that requires more sophisticated technology. But what about the basics? We couldn’t do any of those things without power. We would turn into unproductive and frustrated human

A True DIY’er or Survivalist Would Carry This at All Times

I see so many people with keychains that are totally and completely useless! Sure there are the exceptions every once in awhile but you know what they say “the exception makes the rule.” What I find rewarding is when a DIY project comes along that I can get excited about and this is one of them. It’s

How Preppers Can Transform Empty Tin Cans into Useful Items

If you recycle, then you’re already doing your part to create a cleaner environment. Since the concept of upcycling has become popular, people are taking seemingly useless items, such as empty plastic bottles and tin cans, and turning them into brand new products with a brand new purpose. So, why not take your recycling efforts