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9 of the Best Hidden Gun Safes

There is one thing that anyone who has a weapon knows and that is you don’t always want it out in plain sight. While yes you want to make sure you are prepared but you also want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe from accidental harm And just as it’s wise

Here’s How to Make a Handmade Knife Without a Forge

This Is the Perfect DIY Project For Anyone Who Admires Good Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship! If you’re like us — and many other DIYers out there — you’re always looking for ways to make things on your own instead of buying them. This includes everything from complicated projects that take up the whole summer, to simple projects

Decisions in Blacksmithing: The Ever Important Anvil & Forge

When you start out as a blacksmith the amount of equipment you need can seem daunting. if you have had little to no experience in this field you may become overwhelmed with all of the decisions that you have to make.  However, with so many choices out there, and so many new ones introduced each year

7 Tips on How to Loosen a Frozen Nut, Bolt, or Screw

In my time as a diy’er I have come across a bolt or two (or ten) that just won’t seem to budge. No matter what you do they are bound and determined that they are staying right where they are. Many times I have found this when trying to piece together a new project from older

How To Make Carving Knives from Hacksaw Blade & Custom Box

A large part of the DIY movement is woodworking. Being able to build things with your hands is an amazing talent that not everyone possesses. A big part of that is having the right tools at your disposal. Now if you’re just starting out or if you don’t feel like spending an arm and a

Here’s How to Decide Which Anvil and Forge to Buy

This Is a Must-Have Guide for Every Blacksmith! Whether you’re a novice or veteran blacksmith, it’s likely important to you that you have the very best tools and equipment. However, with so many choices out there, and so many new ones introduced each year, it can be difficult to decide which ones to invest your