Better Than Wood: These DIY Firelogs are Every Prepper’s MUST HAVE Item

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  • Using fire as a mean of energy has been something humankind has done since man first discovered it's capabilities. Yet as technology progressed and we evolved we found other means to accomplish things such as cooking, heating water and keeping our homes warm.

    But at what cost.

    Thankfully there are some creative folks out there that have come up with a way to help us heat up our homes, water, and keep those boilers going and the best part is, we can accomplish this by simply using things that we already have around the house.


    Some may question why one would want to make fuel logs in the summer but that is like asking a prepper why they are stocking up on things before the storm! Right now the weather is warm and dry and these two simple facts will help expedite the entire process.

    These fuel logs are the best things I have ever stumbled upon and I am so glad I have started my stockpile of these. Not only do they light faster than regular logs but they are easier to store, last longer and can act as a fire starter rather than the kindling itself if you wish. They also don't have crazy embers that can often be a fire hazard.

    So let's keep reading and take a look at how to create this simple yet highly valuable item.


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    1. Brandon Franklin said:

      It’s more work than it’s worth, really. At least it is for me. I have a nearly unlimited supply of firewood.

    2. Alex Becker said:

      We use smaller buckets and let the rain fill them up. Then we hang the buckets over out flowers so the water gets reused. Stick a scrap piece of wood in them and let dry; they pop out like popsicles.