Free Fuel to Burn At Home

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    What You Will Need

    1. Some Old Mail
    2. A Drill With A Mixer (You Can Make This Easily).
    3. Two Buckets
    4. Wood

    Grab a Five Gallon Bucket and drill multiple small holes throughout so that the water can be drained out.

    Do not make the holes too big because we do not want the paper to clog it when it is draining.

    After you have drilled your holes take your old junk mail, letters, newspapers and start ripping it up into small shreds and stuffing it inside the bucket.

    *** Helpful Hint ***

    If you have a shredder then this would be the perfect opportunity to discard all of those remains into the bucket.

    After you have filled the bucket to the top with paper pour in the water as it slowly drains from the holes you have created.

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    1. Matt Koheleth said:

      soot build up in your chimney will increase using these therefore speed the proccess of overal dammage of flue liner wich could cause chimney fires

    2. Daniel Layne said:

      Not as bad as you’d think. Since most of the clay washes out and the thermal density becomes very similar to wood, an efficient burn doesn’t create more soot than an efficient wood burn. A low efficiency burn(ie smokey) will still leave a lot of soot but does so with either.

    3. Tamara Peterson said:

      many colored inks are kinda toxic when burned…wouldn’t this just gum up your fireplace?

    4. Matt Koheleth said:

      all im saying is it could speed up the process of buildup using these due to the paper and ink

    5. Randy said:

      Avoid using paper with colored ink, especially glossy ads. The ink contains heavy metals which volatile in the fire and give off harmful fumes.

    6. Chad Tower said:

      “If you have a circular saw blade you can attach that to a regular drill”

      Yeah, great! Then you can warm your leg by the fire while you configure your new prosthetic.

    7. Michael Creedy said:

      Your content is normally good. Why you have to subject us to the disgusting format is pitiful however.

    8. Traci Thompson said:

      I suggested we do this last year to my husband who told me this fuel does not burn well and can start house fires. Probably better just to recycle.

    9. James West said:

      Only use the dull paper without the shine added,burns terribly

    10. Brandon Franklin said:

      I’ve made these before. They burn for a good while but it’s kinda a lot of work (the way did it anyways) for a little bit of fuel. If I had a better means of shredding and compressing the logs it’d be better.

    11. Ron Fina said:

      If you have a recycling center nearby they might have pre-shredded paper. There are also businesses that shred document for other companies.

    12. Joel Elmborg said:

      Don’t burn hot but will create ambers for a long time to keep another fire going

    13. olivia said:

      I thought there was a move away from metal based inks years ago to soy based. Those could be burned no problem. Do any of you know anything about this?

    14. Charles Eaton said:

      You need to cut to the chase. Instead of going through all the seperate pages.

    15. Luke Slocum said:

      Been doing this for awhile. I bought one of the paper brick makers on ebay and have been happy with the results. The only real draw backs are they take awhile to dry out and they leave a lot of ash when they burn but over all I think it’s worth it.

    16. Lori McCaughey said:

      Very interesting! Bart, thanks for sharing. We may just have to give this a try!