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Fun Facts About Lightning

When we see the clouds start to roll in and the thunder begin to sound in the distance, we make a beeline for the indoors. It’s never convenience to be caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. Forget about being uncomfortably soaked. You also don’t want to risk being struck by lightning, particularly if you’re

This DIY Vehicle Key Safe Secures Valuables While Away

When we’re out in the wilderness, the last thing we want to do is lug around a bunch of supplies. We also want to make sure we don’t carry anything valuable in case it gets lost along the way. Whether we’re hiking, surfing, skiing or doing any other outdoor activity, we like to leave as

Measuring Tire Tread Depth & Why It’s So Important

Our cars are more than just machines that get us from point A to point B. They are what allows us to remain independent and productive. Unless we live in a big city that has an extensive public transportation system, how would we get to the office, visit friends and family or even get our

Build This DIY Hot Tub Before Summer Ends

Many of us dream about going on a tropical vacation that takes us away from the stresses and commitments of everyday life. We constantly promise ourselves that we’ll start planning and saving next month, but we never seem to get there. The tropical vacation, and the relaxation that comes with it, continue to be pushed lower

Construct This Innovative DIY Aquaponics System Using Rain Gutters

As a gardener, you’re constantly looking for new and more effective ways to accomplish a flourishing garden. That’s particularly the case if you find your garden has been unsuccessful year after year. It’s time to switch it up! If the traditional garden isn’t working for you, then aquaponics could be the answer. No, it doesn’t