The Danger of Hurricane Irma

  • As summertime begins to dwindle, it's leaving behind warm days and plenty of sunshine. Those favorites are replaced by the peak of hurricane season.

    If you live anywhere near the East Coast of the country, then you're probably aware that Hurricane Irma has its eye on the U.S. Its appearance on weather radars has been anything but welcome. Irma has some bad timing considering Texas and Louisiana are just now seeing the light after Hurricane Harvey. We're all on high alert and it seems as though any state that borders the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico needs to be prepared for the next Harvey.

    Continue on to see the progress of Hurricane Irma and to learn if the U.S. needs to be concerned yet!

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    1. Josh Bunney said:

      Hello, I would like to welcome everyone to the first week of September. We will be discussing storms that already happened.

    2. Scout Driskell said:

      How dangerous it could get?
      COULD get?
      Wasnt this hurricane back in September?

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