Survival Experts Say: Stop Believing This Garbage

  • 1. The Golden Horde

    The golden horde theory has been portrayed for years by survival authors, bloggers and fiction writers, but will the golden horde of hopeless refugees swarm like hundreds of thousands of locust from the cities to the countryside after an economic collapse?

    No they won’t, not after an economic collapse anyways, in fact, I look for the opposite to happen, with hordes of people packing it up and leaving rural areas for the cities to look for work (when things settle down and after the initial riots that will occur in some areas). Recent examples of this happening after an economic collapse; include present day Greece, Argentina 1998–2002, the former USSR in the 1990s, New Zealand in the 1980’s and the U.S. Great Depression of the 1930’s.

    In fact, I don’t see the “golden horde” heading toward the countryside at all unless the disaster is localized to the urban area that they are fleeing from such as after Katrina. Most of the supposed “hordes” will die (or be killed) in place waiting on the government to come in and rescue them before they would head out for the countryside.

    I do know that any and all government resources will be put toward helping urban areas after such an event. As I’ve said before an economic collapse does not mean a government collapse – those in power will only tighten the screws and take from you to redistribute to the cities…

    Even though preppers may think they know what will take place, no one knows for sure until they’re actually living Doomsday. So instead of freaking out ahead of time, use common sense and prepare yourself for a variety of scenarios.

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    1. Zachary Killough said:

      Used to watch that show all the damn time, then I joined their FB page , and found out they were rude .

    2. James Pallasch said:

      For what it is worth, I am in total agreement with this post. No one really knows how bad it may get! For some, it may become true life or death experiences day after day! Others will experience a lesser amount of hardship. Your good sense, proper preparation, as you see it, and what I call SITUATIONAL AWARENESS will be the rule of the day. That you realize or even believe that the unthinkable might become a reality is the largest obstacle in your way to survive out of the way! You are much smarter than you give yourself credit for. You also know that you have physical limits which must be honestly addressed. Just these few things add up to much more than you realize and puts you ahead of a lot of the masses who deny the probabilities and will quickly fail to survive! It is quite similar to the ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER if you think about it! All the preparation in the world will not guarantee your survival but none or minimal planning will certainly, greatly diminish your chances of survival! Common sense must be the word of the day.

    3. Jay Genske said:

      I have been an outdoors man all my 58 years here and I just laugh at some well… most of the “survival” garbage posted on too many of these sites. Not only the outdoor survival but the loads of crap they tell you to stockpile and carry. None of it is realistic and will be more of a hindrance than a help. Most of it will eventually kill you

    4. Charles Dobson said:

      I don’t stockpile anything. I keep a backpack with the minimum. Fire starter, knife, hatchet, few different ways to get food, cordage and a tarp.

    5. Jerry Kenneth Rutherford said:

      …who is the happiest?….worrier’s or believer’s…..who lives the longest?….just be happy and enjoy every moment you are given..

    6. Ron Eyman said:

      True I laughed about bug out bages I’m 69 been in woods all my life.if ya don’t know don’t do it !common sense.

    7. Roland Amouzou said:

      I wonder who the term “garbage” is for. I just can not see an audience within sight.

    8. Dean Williams said:

      Can’t even read it because of all the other bullshit you guys post..

    9. Joseph DeCota said:

      Really? Why do you idiots insist in making me load page after page when in this virtual reality of the digital world there is no limit to the page length. Why can’t you just use one page. I refuse to click and click and click. What the$#%&!@* really.

    10. Randy Smith said:

      When/if shtf, the prepared will be the real leaders, not sitting idly by watching people starving and the country going to$#%&!@*

    11. Glen Meyer said:

      Some valid points however #2 is a Polyanna assumption that order would be restored sooner than later. The ethics and morality of the country is very low. It’s no longer 1940.

    12. Stuart Back said:

      It’s to make more money on advertising. They are paid by the number of page views, so they divide content into multiple pages. Stupid, I know, it’s actually driving people away from these type of pages. The advertisers will wise up sooner or later…

    13. Owen Kondratuk said:

      There’s going to be a traffic jam on the secret road to your “secret” place.

    14. Anonymous said:

      Finally some common sense in a blog. I, personally did the 5-10 acre thing. VERY HARD WORK but the rewards are staggering. Seriously…… Without trying it you really can NOT imagine what you can do with little more space, seeds, water and the will to do what needs be done.

    15. John Crane said:

      There certainly is a lot of nonsense about making do in the wood come the end of the world. That said most people would do well if not far better to simply buy a better set of doors and stay indoors.