Hunters Help Control Invasive Pythons By Getting Rid of 500 In 5 Months


    The South Florida Water Management District announced that a total of 500 Burmese pythons have been killed.

    “The speed with which hunters are finding and eliminating these destructive snakes showcases not only their dedication to the effort, but also the enormity of this invasive predator problem in the Everglades,” said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Dan O’Keefe. “Every one of these 500 snakes killed helps ensure the lives of hundreds of native species essential to the Everglades ecosystem.”

    Earlier this month, one of the hunters caught one of the largest snakes of the season measuring in at 16 feet and 10 inches, weighing in at 130 pounds!

    Check out this video that shows what these hunters go through on a daily basis. You will see some of the large snakes that they come across and why most people would not want their job!



    1. Mike W Whoo said:

      It takes a great hunter to kill them and they are not going to be easy kill ither

    2. Ray Maddox said:

      That’s a friend of mine dustin crum. He’s been making pistol grips, belt buckles, belts and wallets. He has his own public facebook page.

    3. Jim Watson said:

      There’s gonna be a heck of a lot more out there after IRMA goes through.