The Cool New Way Dominos Will Deliver Pizza

  • Other forms of automation, such as self-checkout stations at grocery stores, are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on your level of comfort with technology, you either love the self-checkout option or hate it. The same could happen for these self-driving Dominos cars, but we'll have to wait and see!

    Domino's Pizza and Ford have unveiled a new self-driving car.

    Domino's plans to introduce their “delivery bots” to the American public in a 6-week test later this month.

    Certain customers in Ann Arbor, Michigan will have the choice to let a robot deliver their food or to do things the old fashioned way. Customers can track the car using GPS, and the vehicle will send them a text message once it's outside their house.

    But you will have to walk to the end of your driveway for the pizza, which is stored in a heated compartment in the car's back seat. You also need to enter a 4-digit pin code (based on your phone number) to get your food.

    There are other problems customers might run into during the test: like how the delivery car is no good for pizza parties, because it can only carry 4 pies and 5 sides at a time. And while a driver and engineer will be inside the car, they're ordered not to help the customer with any problems.

    “We’re still focused on the last 50 feet,” Domino’s spokeswoman Jenny Fouracre admits. “That’s a big challenge – getting (the pizza) from the curb to the door.”

    Would you choose to have your pizza delivered by a self-driving car?

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