Compost 101: Don’t Make These Mistakes?

  • It's Really Hard to Mess Up Compost…But These Mistakes Are Really Common!

    Compost is an amazing thing. It reduces the amount of trash piling up in the landfills, because instead of throwing away food and other organic material, you put it all in a pile in your backyard where it can degrade and ultimately nourish the soil. Plus, it makes incredibly effective fertilizer that you can use to plant a nice organic garden and ensure that it thrives.

    However, while making a compost is a relatively straightforward process, there are still several common mistakes that people make. These errors can make all of your hard work in vain, but it's really easy to correct these mistakes so that your compost pile is everything it should be. We have a few simple tips that will not only make your compost easier to maintain, but also make sure it's as rich in nutrients as it can be.

    To learn two common mistakes that can compromise your compost pile, please continue to Page (2) for the list.

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    1. Shawn Neal said:

      Without even reading the article, I can say YES. I can’t get my compost pile started to save my life.

    2. Tracy Kennedy said:

      Hey die hard survivors!! I see
      A lot of post of what foods we should store. But I never see you say add fruit cake. ???? Fruit cake 1 16oz / 1lb fruit cake has at a 1/4 serving 9g of fat, 1.5 g of sat fat, 0g of trans fat, 60mg/ 20% cholesterol, sodium 65mg/ 3%, total carbs 71g/ 24%, sugar 36g, dietary fiber 9g/36%, protein 7g. Also it has vitamin A 6%, vitamin C 6%, calcium 10%, and iron 15%