Building This Solar Powered Generator Was Simpler Than I Thought

  • Living in the south we are prone to some strong storms which have a habit of knocking out power for hours on end. Should a super storm pass through then chances are power could be out for a week if not more. These are just the normal summer storms but they have a huge impact once they hit.

    Having a generator on hand is the ideal life saver in these particular situations. While normal generators can get the job done they can often be quite expensive. Not to mention they can also be heavy, smelly and extremely noisy. This does not create a peaceful setting and may actually cause more stress than needed. More to the point, if you do not need to power major appliances, say you only need to power cell phones and a radio, a huge, clunky generator is overkill.

    Smaller, less obtrusive generators, though, are hard to find. Generators are geared to power your entire house or at least the vital appliances. What if you had a quiet, portable, solar powered generator? Further, what if you could build it yourself? And what if you could do it for under $200?

    So let's keep reading and see what we need to do in order to build our own solar powered generator.

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    1. Dave said:

      Look up SOLAR BURRITO on Youtube. I have built 3 of them and they are just as easy.

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